Happy Haunting, All you little “TRICK OR TREATER’S, “Happy HALLOWEEN!!!!! Do you have your Pumpkin’s Carved and Lit????? (with a tea candle)  On your Front Porch??? I know you do….Knowing someone, is always careful to Watch/Look, Just to make sure the candle is burning slowly, as, to not cause any injuries,nor Fire….(if you lite your Pumpkin) Never leave it unattended……. (Never)  Well. it’s October 31st..Boo!! Boo!!! it’s scary,all around…..lol….The 31st.of October, can only mean ONE thing and my Grandson’s say,it mean’s “Candy Day”!!!! Every Child, I know,or have known,loves “Halloween!! It’s a fact…As, a Child/Youngster’s,Halloween could not come fast enough,after we realized,it was October..Thus,we could go house to house, knowing our neighbors’/and or stranger’s,(If you ventured,out of your neighborhood) And, knocked on their door,saying these magic words”TRICK OR TREAT” why,they would delightfully,hand you “FREE” candy/treat’s,making you soo happy as excitement,filled the night air…Eventhough,there are times it can become a little frightening,For, you see ghost,witches,black cats,skeleton’s,and  people dressed as monster’s,and super hero’s(My Grands,love the Super Hero’s) Also, as you go, from street to street,door to door, Suddenly, a Monster,or a Mummy, jumps, out at you…… I’m getting scared…lol…Scaring,the living daylight’s out of you,as you hold Mom or Dad’s hand Tighter,making sure,they are guarding you……Awwwww…Once, again,as the Bad Guy’s move on,to another street to scare everyone,you relax,and Smile,gleeful,that it’s Trick or Treat Day…And everyone is just having Big* fun,(It’s all Fun, No one is trying/going to Hurt you) It’s Halloween,the one day of the year you can dress scary,funny,cute,or just have a made up face,Scary or Not…It’s a Fun, Happy Evening of Receiving Candy from your neighbor”s,your whole block,(Of course, you always!! Had The Mean House!!!!!) lol….You know they were not giving out anything,thusly, Walk On By……LOL….(every-one has that house,on the block,who will not/does not give out ANYTHING!!!! (don’t you) lol…….My Guy’s are Super Hero’s, I have Superman,Batman,Ironman,and Thor…I’m not afraid, with these Mighty Warrior’s…..lol….My Daugther and I are taking the Boy’s out For Candy-Day. Trick or Treat,Halloween..They are dressed for the Weather,(Cold) And Scary…Yikes, 3 Zombie”s, just stumbled by……..lol..We all laugh,yet, I feel my baby-grand hold tighter to my hand,I look down at him and Smile,(his dad did the very Same Thing) always looking back,just to be sure….The evening is,cold,blustery, wet-leaves,cover the side-walks,it’s damp, chilly,and dark…But, it’s just as it should be, My daughter and I stand in the background,as, they approach each door,(with words,that just touch* my Heart)….They Knock Hard,and  together,Yell!!!! “TRICK OR TREAT”…..I love it!!!! Happy Halloween Kiddies….Please (STAY SAFE<AND TOGETHER>) Be Blessed…blm1957@wordpress.com hug your children closer*,tonight,keep them close…….BTW: My Grandson’s have a pillow-case half full of Candy(,Each)…And Hate to Share…lol.(.I love snicker’s&bubble-gum,reese’s,and candy corn)…….Happy Haunting,and Candy Eating..Brush Often…lol…..Halloween 2013…….Zap!! Bam!!! Boo!! Zonk!!!!Bang!!!  B   O    O!!!!!!!!!



              If someone had asked me this question years ago(not saying how many years ago) lol..I probably would have answered No,I do not believe in “Soul Mates”.. Moreover, I felt in time,we meet the person,we are destined to love, and/or marry….Additionally, I felt (those)70’s person’s invented,Soulmates…..lol. Little did I realize I was about to meet my very own “Soul-Mate”.I met him,at a wedding for mutual friends,( he was best friend/cousin,of the groom, I, the Bride) yet,we had not met….. As,fate would have it,I didn’t know if I could attend, because of my mother’s illness,I wanted instead to stay close to her bed-side..,She had been ill for several months,each day,her health seemed to deteriorate rapidly,within, the last month,we had taken her by EMS,to the hospital 4 times that month.Her blood pressure would soar,to dangerous levels..The Wedding was 2 months away(,June 16th),it was April 15th, Shelly,was growing tired of waiting  for my RSVP,I was so conflicted,worried,and just confused…….. Shelly,and I have been friends since childhood,BFF.always (vowing) to be one another’s (maid of honor) so, this was,  a very “Touchy” situation..Praise God,!!!!My mom’s doctor’s,through several tests,poking,more tests,x-rays,etc.etc. finally,realized her Med’s(dosage) was  far to high for her body to amply digest,in a way that did not send her blood pressure soaring sky high….What a relief… when,the correct dosage,was finally administered,  and she returned to her,loving,caring,always busy,self….lol..We all felt relived and could move on with our own lives,   Therefore,I RSVP,that evening,when Shell,called,so happy firstly,that mom,was getting stronger,and we now knew the case of her sudden* aliment..All was/is good.Thus, Mom,made me promise to go pick out my dress and shoes,(that was done in 2 day’s) I’m a Stylist,so shopping for clothes,is second nature,for me. It was so awesome to see mom up cooking,cleaning,shopping,etc.(ALL IS WELL).by,June 12th, everyone,was,rushing,Shelly’s shoes were not the color she ordered,I took care of it in one day.(one last thing to worry about) next day,her make-up was the wrong shade….(come on shell!!!) lol..Barb,(her sister)and I took it back to Macy;s and yes they had made a mistake in the color!!!! It was handled in a timely fashion,corrected,and,off to dress rehearsals we headed.The Church was decorated,beautifully,simply stunning,everything,finally,was falling right in place.. My lack of a date,was yet looming,for,I was Date-less ahhh…. Jason,Shelly’s finance~,assured me his cousin,  Billy,was just the Date*for me.. right I thought..(Sure)lol..Billy is Jason’s (Best Man)..When,we stepped inside the Sanctuary, our eyes locked,my knee’s were weak,I felt flushed,Billy,also seemed taken aback…I knew him,(I felt) he later felt the same.As I neared the Altar,he held out his neatly,manicured hand,to help me step up,(For once Shell,and J ) said I was SPEECHLESS!!!!!!lol.He was 6’3,slender,yet,musular,Olive skin-tone,large black,heavily lashed,marble eyes,THE, black fine,silky,straight hair,DidNot,go unnoticed…..Yes!!  he was (FINE)!!!! lol….As, he  said in a mellow,articulate,somewhat deep voice”,HELLO” Lovely,,maid of honor,I’m Billy,your future husband,and J’s Best Man…He kissed my hand,lightly,tenderly….Then,slowly,let it fall at my side..I was left with no sounds,where is my voice?? I screamed inwardly…I nodded,with moist hands,and exchanged greetings,We stared,at one another for what seemed like hours,yet,it was mere seconds,several people cleared their throats..lol..transfixed,we both came back to earth,and finish our walk,arm in arm….At the Wedding, that next* weekend-we talked,and danced,all night,(I love a great sense of humor) He made me laugh ALL evening…..We have been together,ever since….(Jason says, he told Shell,Billy & Breea)will make a great couple!!! You’ll see!!!!He told her..she never revealed, this to me,until months later..I thought I would be alone for a while,as I gave up looking for Mr. Right,He like-wise..(Mrs.Right),isn’t that special!!!! (check this) both our first names have 5 letters,we are both the 4th,child in our family,our 2 digit social is the same,both our birth date* is the 20th.2 month’s apart,(winter-months) We love the same movies,finish each other’s sentences,we love sea-food,have to have sea-food,3 times a week…both wanted to vacation in Hawaii,for our honeymoons….We laugh at the same things,jokes,etc..At times,we look at each other,and “LAUGH” for no REASON*…I Love Him… It’s now 22 years later,and we still watch the same movies,and finish one another’s sentences…Eat Sea-Food!!lol(ISN’T LOVE GRAND) Believe!!!! It Can Happen….BTW:We married 1 year later,same church,(of course)..and this year again for our 22nd, Anniversary,Hawaii,here we come…Believe,Dare to Love…..blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….DO WE BELIEVE IN SOUL-MATES???????? you bet we do…..Peace.Lastly,believe it or Not!! it’s true,(WE ARE BOTH LEFT-HAND) I had NEVER dated a Lefty,ever!!!! Billy,is My Forever “SOUL-MATE…….(YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS ..BUT,<THE MAN LOVES*THE LORD>>JESUS<IS HIS SAVIOUR>>>>WOW>>WHAT A BLESSING>>


            Hey friends,how are you and your family?? Everything is Great I truly hope!!!!! can you believe it’s October 24,th. already?? Well. the weather outside is certainly feeling like Late*October…It’s Cold…Brrrrrr..lol..I find myself staying inside more now-a-days..Once,I check my schedule,(seeing what I have planned, any appointments,volunteer pledges, the Grandchildrens,activities,etc.etc.),AS,I try to plan everything important,on the same day,if at all possible!!(saves gas and time) My dental and vision appts..were all scheduled last week,glad to have that out of the way…..Yes….( I need new glasses,and my dental care will take another 3 months..).~~Sigh~~ So, have/do you keep your yearly vision and dental appointments??? You must for your good health,and longevity….Feeling good,looking good,as we prepare,for a LONG> Winter, in the Mid-west…..Do you get yearly Flu Shots?? I don’t , the little one’s do,however,I have never been subtle,to colds, therefore,I pass,maybe,as I grow older…However,right now,I’m good!!!!..Praise Jesus…..The temperature,today is only 34 degrees~~shiver~~lol….I have to go to the grocery  store,and the hardware.. Thusly,I finish my prayers,tidy,up the kitchen,head upstairs,to shower, and dress.I apply my make-up,adding gold/black earrings,(my Fav) a black (Turtle-Neck) yes, turtle-neck…..No..(not yet) lol… black pants,(cords) and black ankle boots,black leather jacket..and,I’m ready to shop for the Grands,Snacks*,they all like slightly,differing snacks, moreover,I  try to please everyone…A Grandmother’s Love..~SIGH~~at, the hardware,I need to pick up some glue sticks,an extension cord,and whatever little (fines) I stumble across!!! This is my time……….I love it.. No one to call me, demand my attention, just ME…(this is living) MY next-door neighbor,lives alone,she is 74,has no family, in the state, So, my hubby and I look* out for her.She relayed,last week,as we stood at our mutual fence’s, we were having worker’s clean our storm drains,gutter’s,etc,as, the water ran,over and inside, our air conditioner’s) I replied, I’m thinking of covering my unit..this winter..She respond’s, I would love to cover my A>C> unit also…..Thus,I will purchase her, a A>C>cover for her unit..It’s my pleasure, to do this small gesture for her..(Helping Others,is always a must,for Me…) passing favor’s, and happy to comply…This is where our* Blessings come from…….When we give of ourselves,never looking,for anything in return….Amen&Amen……God is good* to my family,he loves us, protects,and keep’s us,in his Favor….I thank you Father….Well, I’ve been in this hardware for 2hrs…I over-spent….(of course) lol…I checked-out, walked briskly,to my SUV,prayed,for safety,and headed, for Home Sweet Home…..Yes!! I have all the boys snacks..and my items,from the hardware…I’m good!!!!! Heading for Home….Peace…blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close……Stay Warm……Bundle Up……. BTW: my neighbor loved her A>C> COVER…she almost cried…as she offered,words of thanks….(do an act of kindness)…..Lastly,if you have not had your yearly Check-up,(DO SO)…God Bless….. October 27th-Happy Birthday-My 3rd.Son…Derian P…have a great day…..


             Hello everyone,the trip to the “Pumpkin Farm” this year was the best visit by FAR…..We had a “BALL”!!!!We picked up the boy’s,early this morning,(as fate would have it,school was cancelled*because of building problems) My grandson’s  were so thrilled…One, would have thought,we were headed for Walt*Disney World again…lol…for,.they appeared just that delighted and over-joyed……Moreover,it’s the 15th,therefore,in our home,that means Only*one thing,(The Pumpkin Farm) the temperature, had dropped,leaving us, to dress accordingly…We each dressed warmly,yet,not -overly-.The pumpkin farm,is owned,by the Weber family,it has been in the same location for 38 years.(we brought Our 3 children here yearly) now it time for the grandchildren…(amazing)..It’s a 2 hour drive,therefore,bathroom visit’s are Strongly!! encouraged.lol we packed,.games,snacks,music,Brendon,is the oldest,so, he brings his Kindle Fire,head-phones,and pounce, for the far back seat..the boys,all buckle up,and off we go to the”pumpkin farm”..Halloween,is by far the most visited occasion….The Weber family,kicks,everything into gear,by October1st.Visitor’s,stop in every-day of the week,until closing..(November 1st) My husband and I often wonder,just what’s the final Tally???..lol..We drove the large SUV today.Wow, we are here,it seems like instead of 2 hours,it only took 1hour,we talked,laughed,Bren,told jokes,(he’s the Comedian, in the family,like his Dad) So, before we knew it, We’re HERE….Admission:is $10.00 adult-   $5.00 children.Parking,is only $3.00..We park,unbuckle,(no breaking-free) They know the rules,we get out together,walk together,(STAY TOGETHER) no lost*children….I’m very** strict on this..As,we walk up,you feel as if you are in the land of Pumpkin Magic,for, color’s of orange,yellow,brown,is entwined as far as the eye can see,Pumpkins,in every Size,Shape,and colors of Orange is visible..The boy’s exchange ooh’s and ahh’s..they want to break free,(not) for, there is SO much to see and Do..Firstly- We all go to the bathroom, they are very clean*which,I love..and they offer scented “pumpkin”soap..delightful,it gets one in the mood,for the many joys,and pure fun ahead. Together,holding hands(for a while)lol..The Pumpkin Farm-offers,A petting zoo,pony rides,hidden candy hunt,(the boy’s love the candy hunt..it’s just something about kids&kandy….lol.Pumpkins,are every-where.Hundred’s, I would venture to guess,each craved and different in detail and design,we stop,just to gaze at these awesome beautiful works of art..simply amazing……….There is a haunted house,for ages 12-up,Bren&lil Brad,say No Mummies,No big Ghost,Geese..I reassure them we won’t go near the H>H> (haunted house).Brendon,is almost 11,he wants to go inside the (H>H>) we say no,and forge ahead….Face-Painting, is offered,we saw several youngsters,with painted faces/cheeks…They looked so cute,and Ghoulish!!!lol.so, we wait in line,Braylon,and Brennan,want a Pumpkinw/blk.Cat,on their cheek,Brendon,wants a bloody Mummy’s face,(Yikes)lol.on his cheek,Lil Brad wants a Bat on a pumpkin, on his cheek.Paw-Paw get’s a Pumpkin,I get a small Pumpkin.We all laugh at one another..and leave for the pony ride,it’s a ride around the petting zoo,later,we go on the hay-ride,it’s a little too bumpy for me,(I want off) it’s over soon,I tell my hubby to take the boy’s to the cider mill,so they can once again see how apples, are made into apple cider,(when Bren,was 3 as the apples were crushed and driven thru the cider press,Bren,yelled,what the??(heck) he’s 5 now,almost 6,and we still laugh about that statement……lol..) he did not understand,how an apple could go in,yet, cider comes out………lol..My Grands,are so much fun…I enjoy them to the fullest.I head for the Pie-Shop, the smell of cinnamon,apples,nutmeg,ginger,pumpkin spice,fill the air,the aroma draws you in,My daughter wants a pumpkin pie,and a gallon of apple cider,(she loves apple cider,from the farm) my daughter-in-laws,want a apple pie,and cider also.So,that’s 2 Pumpkin Pies and 2 Apple..5 half-gallon apple cider,I have the waitress,hold my paid order,as,my husband will pick it up on our way out,They box your items so nicely,closed tightly,for freshness.I love it,I look up and hubby and grands,are at the door, begging to go get their Own* Pumpkins,at the Patch….We head for the patch, why, it has to be 200 pumpkins here..every size,small,medium,large,ex-large,(this is the one time the boys can run!!) to get the one pumpkin of their choosing,I walk to this large perfectly shaped pumpkin,I turn it over to examine it better,Yes, this is the one for me and Paw Paw,I look around at the boys, running,( to & fro)looking,for that special one.Bray has his,small but,that’s what he wants,lilBrad,has a sm/med.(kind of crooked)but,he wants his crooked pumpkin.Brennan,has a med.one,with a long stem,Brendon,found a large pumpkin,nicely shaped,I feel everyone is satisfied..Well,it time to leave,we’ve done everything we set out to do…Oh,we have to stop by the pie-shop to pick up our Pies, and Apple Cider.Hubby return’s,the smell is too much!! It makes you want to start eating on one.lol..but, control!! he carefully places them in the trunk.We buckle up, as we leave, the parking attendant gets a tip.Home,please I’m ready for my bed….lol..(the boy’s are asleep in seconds)lol.. I kiss Paw-Paw,as we turn into our Drive,Home Sweet Home..Amen&Amen…What A Wonderful Day……blm1957,hug your children,keep them close…(take your kids out,or go to your local store and purchase a Pumpkin…They will love it…..Peace..Craving,will be tomorrow…….

~~~QUESS WHAT???? THIS IS MY 100th.POST~~~

                Hello,Hello….I’m so excited,and I just Can’t Hide It!!!!!! Friends, and My Loyal Followers,(you are the reason,for this intensive joy)….Thank You..Those, of you who took/take out time,to Read,my Posts,giving of your precious moments,to sit back and read my Ideas,Thoughts,and Advice on life/living, and/or sending e-mails that you are currently (Following Me) again Thanks…..~~Quess What??? Well, I will tell you!! Today,WordPress,informed me,I (HAVE) written my ( 100th Blog Post )(100)…..I feel so humble….Writing,and Reading,has always* been a Passion..I’m not where I would like to be….re:(my writing) However, I’m very* proud of myself…Me.. I love my blog spot,I’m so pleased,to divulge…..,(I”M A BLOGGER”)~~that rocks~~..Additionally, WordPress,it’s been a thrill and joy to allow me the privilege, of expressing my various thoughts..and to be perfectly honest, WordPress,gives me the opportunity,to Write,and Publish, my Posts,(FREE) free…Can you believe this.I’m so very Thankful to you all…. Thus, I do not take you for Granted….I instead share words and praise for your generous offering,to the public,(A place,a forum,to express your individual thoughts,feelings,ideas,hurts,joy’s,and even penning words,of sadness,when the death angel,comes,for our love ones..It has certainly helped me Vent,at different phase’s in my life.. 100 posts…..I joined/signed with (WordPress) October 20,2011..It has been an awesome,pleasurable,journey indeed…Also,when I began writing,I told my Husband,if I got 200 views,visitors,to my “SITE” that,I would be so pleased…he laughed,as he wished me LUCK* in getting 200 views,he wandered,where/how I could entice,followers,to stop on by..lol..Well,quess what??? With Jesus,as my Leader,my Captain.my (EVERYTHING)Today, I can tell you beyond a doubt*( I have (626) six-hundred-twenty-six) 626-Views/Visitors, 52*(so far)Who Follow, my every post..(My Goal Is 1,000,by Dec.2013) I Believe!! Again, Thank You!!!!!!.I’m “HAPPY” Happy,joyful,and 2 blessed* to be stressed….Thank You<WordPress> you made it all possible,It was all in the Plan……Amen&Amen…Blm1957@wordpress.com ..hug your children,keep them close……. 100th Post…~~~~~~~626 Views/Vistor’s(That’s of Today) Okay!!!!  lol…Peace,Love…blm1957.. BTW: I will be posting my 101**Post about the Grandson’s visit to the “Pumpkin Farm”..Yea..I know you are waiting….lol…..


Hi friends,I can hardly believe in (2) days,we will head off to the “Pumpkin Farm” my grandson’s are so “excited” they called to inquire, if they can come over early,on the 15th,OR better yet,(if they can spend the night with us)??? I remind them,they still have school to attend,therefore,they have to stay home,so they can attend their schools..(Brenden&lil Brad) live in a different district than (Braylon&Brennen).So, Paw-Paw and I will come to their homes,as soon as they get in from school.Theyseemed a little disappointed,until,we assured them we would wait at their homes,as soon as they get off the school bus…..There was sigh’s of glee.cheers,and just plain happiness.This is just a hour trip,yet, it is as if they are going to (Disney World )again..lol… It brings me such joy,to see them so elated,to go pick out their individual Pumpkins…..It makes us so very happy to see their sheer excitement,to travel to the farm,Bren, just called again,to ask are you sure you will be here by 3:30??as,they get home at 3:28…YES, I reply of course,we will.He sounds so reassured and trustworthy,This is one reason you must(Never) disappoint a child..Little do they realize,We are just as excited…I’m so happy when my children&grandchildren are happy….(Don’t worry,Be happy) lol…Thus,as I gaze at my countdown to Pumpkin Day, written,on my calander…I smile,for it’s only 2 more days until the “Pumpkin Farm”..YEA…lol…Peace..hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com  Please Parents& Grands,Do something “Special for the little one’s.give them some joy* in this troubled world today……Keep God first place always…2 more days….


              OLA,,I was just sitting here in my over-sized comfty chair,leafing through “Poems for all Seasons” by Shiela Butterfly.and Marilyn Loft..Thus,, I wanted to share these poems of Autumn with you..Firstly,I planted 6 new Mums* today, they are magnificent, and breath-taking,in color’s*of Lemon Yellow,Blushing Wine,and my old stand-by Bashful Taupe(light brown) lol…I already had several huge Mums* however,after a quick survey,I felt there were spaces,that needed filling in..Therefore,I purchased 6 new plants..( 2 of each color) the heads are huge,showy,and hardy… Brilliant in color..Mums, are perennials,so,they will graciously,return each year.(that rocks) lol…. My garden is full,lush,along with charm and beauty,I love looking out at my vast Autumn Garden,filled with alluring color’s of Fall.. (orange,yellow,wine,med.brown,and reddish orange) What a beautiful “Autumn”Scenery”  to behold..As well,I wanted to share thesePoem’s of Autumn” for your reading enjoyment………Enjoy!!!!!!

Autumn- by Shiela Butterfly- Autumn,was when we first met,Autumn,is what I cannot forget,Autumn,has made me become alive again,I feel this way every* Autumn because it was Autumn when you entered my life!!! That Autumn,you came like a summer breeze,I didn’t realize until now what I was in for!!!!!!! with you…..I fell in love,you fell in love.Together, we are in love….This Autumn,and always……My Autumn Love…………………..

Autumn “Glow-“by Marilyn Loft-There is something about Autumn that brings out such earthiness,as the gold* leaves adorn bushes and trees,like an artist with a brilliant brush,the wind blows leaves to and fro,they seem to cover the ground,(the earth) the wind seems to howl in anger,yet, glee.Oh yes,I love this Autumn Glow,for, it makes me smile,because I love this season so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today,is the first Sunday in October,We are getting ready to  attend Church Service,I’m Ready!! So I check to see if my husband is Ready……for, first Sunday Service,He is…So, we set the alarm system..And set off for Church…..The Autumn Glow,is alive and well.I wish you and your family an Awesome Autumn…blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close…(GET OUT AND RAKE LEAVES,GATHER THE LITTLE-ONES 2 HELP) Peace..   October,Family Birthday’s—-October3rd-Givonnni Lee(nephew) also,Royce R.(a sweetheart) October13th-My Twin Brother’s–Jack&Jay(Gone 2 Soon)miss u,love u,R>I>P> (TWINS) also,Big Charlie B..(HappyB-day Boo)lol.. October18th–Zan,My Nay!! (I love you Z, Ma)-Hugs- Also,Geonna (Ms.Prin)–October22nd–My Father-In-Law  Jesus Tenario Sr…Love u Dad!!(hang in there)~~October 27th My Son-in-law,(My 3rd.son)Derian P..(10ACMAN)lol.-October29th-Neice-Madison Lee-,aka-(Maddie),(ATL) in the house!!!lol.. Happy Birthday Family……….( I hope you enjoyed these “Autumn Poems” I certainly do,reading & re-reading them every Autumn…)~~Sigh~~ blm1957…