Hello my friends!! I truly hope you are basking,in your Blessings*,and “All Is Well” This morning,as I stood at my French Double Doors,overlooking,my property,my landscaping,flower gardens,and the 5 new trees,we planted in May,while, in full bloom Now, (look bare),as I unlocked my door,I step out-side to catch a breath of Fresh Air,I was suddenly sadden,at the thought that Autumn is here,(do you say Autumn or Fall)????( We say both in my family I prefer Fall,personally) lol. However,Autumn sounds,like ending, aww, that’s sad….The ending of SUMMER*-sigh-is one reason for my sadness,as I feel cooler,crisp air lingering,in the early morning. As well, I now wear long-sleeved tops,sweater,or a light jacket for,their is a Chill in the air.(the days,of short-tops,tank-tops,halters,etc. are OVER*……lol.. Autumn,usually begins in the month of September,and goes on until the month of November, in North America.(*BLURLIT)   “FALL” is when everything comes full circle,we go from lush green, to a brown barren landscape.Fall, refers to the Season when leaves Fall from the trees……Autumn/Fall,is the third season of the calendar year,it’s a time of great change!! everything begins to look different,the weather seems to turn!!!!!!Days are now shorter. Autumn,is a season of Plenty-if you walk through a park you’ll see an abundance of berries,and nuts.Even animals tend to stock up on food during this time of year,because it will be harder to find food to eat during winter in the (MID-WEST). At times I feel Autumn has a quiet almost mischievous approach,I say this because-One day it’s Mid-Summer,and within the next FEW* days,It’s Chilly,Breezy,cool/cold,Time to put on a jacket,sweater,coat,if you want to avoid the Chill……But,life goes on and soon Thankgiving,Christmas,arrive,along with the Snow,but, it’s a great change,(A New Season) isn’t that amazing??? we are Blessed….Have you began putting away summer furniture,clearing your yard of dying flowers?? raking your mulch,for added height, Also, adding (weed-&feed) will give you a more green*lush, lawn next summer…. Please, say you have put away all*(White Clothing)!!!! (I began packing away Summer clothes,in mid-sept,now, that’s one less thing I have to do!!!! YES!! lol.. So, my Friends, You  (Better to do it now) get everything labeled and put away for next year..I hope you will use some of this advice…Here’s to a Amazing Autumn and a Fantastic Fall…..(get busy, use plastic containers,and label,each one) Next year will be a breeze,as you once again get ready for summer……happy autumn/fall,to you and your family…Blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close..blm1957….


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