Hey Everyone,I send you Love,Peace,and Joy Today,and Always.As my Message Alert,   (On my i Phone) Chimed this morning, (with the Birthday App) I turned over and smiled,as I remembered why, it’s September 18th,that means,it’s my FAV* Neice Birthday,No other than Ms.Ali Cheran McGraw….(our private secret)……lol….. BTW:I named Ali (Cheran) -sigh- Ali you are doing such* a AWESOME Job,on your JOB….lol.Trips,Money,Sales thru the Roof!!! Congrats…I’m so very proud of you…I Love You,My Favorite Neice……Other Family September Birthday’s-  Sept.5th-Alyllisa,Sept.15th-Verlyer& Son James..-sigh- Sept.18th-Ali Cheran,Sept.30th-Bishop Bae Lee..Happy,Blessed Birthday’s Family..Also,Happy (19th) Anniversary*-Rubenio&Betina Martinez (19 Years)wow…(19) Blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close….Peace,Love,Joy……………………



  1. Queenn E. says:

    Betty Boop, this was a nice email about Ms Ali. Cheran…..   I really enjoyed reading it and the other birthday reminders was hott too.   thanks and congratuations on 19 years with Reuben. that is quite an acomplishment and I am proud of the both of you.   at 25 years, yawl should renew your vows with a big celebration.   that was be Hott….   Love you, Queenn


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