Strangely,I Suddenly feel,Sensitive,Sullen,Sad,and Shamefully Sort of Scornful.Seriously,    my Special followers,At times, I feel Shameful,knowing just how Blessed I’m.However,there are times, one feels, to put it mildly Fed Up!!! with life, our families,(if only for a fleeing second) Our jobs,even the dog,* lol….Yet, we must “Inhale” -“exhale” Knowing* that there is always a  way out of any problem or Situation,if we only believe*and keep the faith*…………………….

Surprise:- This has been a TEST* Reread, the beginning of the upper Paragraph,What do you Notice????????????????  If you are as intelligent, and  above average in your knowledge, As,I know you are!! you guessed it…… Why,it’s the lovely month of September,(the month in the Mid-West) That Signals.. Fall is upon us,then comes winter* (yikes) lol.. So,Since it is September,I decided to give you a “Brain Teaser”…….There are 12 words,beginning with (S) S people,for September!!!!awwww!!!Did you guess???? Be Honest!!! Did you notice the number of (S’s) If you did CONGRAULATIONS!!! I deem you Sharp and very Smart…I truly hope this little experiment,put a smile on your face!! that was my goal* today,(something different) don’t you agree?? Why want you do me a favor,and write a small* Paragraph,beginning with the letter S!! Whatever, comes to your MIND..Please, feel free to leave your comments below.Keeping Them Clean*In the  Space(another S) lol…Below.I would love your input…..Thus, I Simply,cannot ,Sermonize,Suddenly,hearing Similar, “S” words from my Loyal Followers,Thank you in Advance….blm1957,hug your children,keep them  close…. here’s to Serenity,Sensuality,and a Sensational Evening…….. Use your Brain,Read,Write,Do Puzzles,Unsramble Words..Use your Mind……BLM1957..Peace.. BTW: Please,Keep It Clean!!!!!!!!!! Again,PLEASE KEEP THE (S) CLEANNNNNNNNN!PLEASE.THANK YOU……..Blm 1957…


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