Hello my friends!! I truly hope you are basking,in your Blessings*,and “All Is Well” This morning,as I stood at my French Double Doors,overlooking,my property,my landscaping,flower gardens,and the 5 new trees,we planted in May,while, in full bloom Now, (look bare),as I unlocked my door,I step out-side to catch a breath of Fresh Air,I was suddenly sadden,at the thought that Autumn is here,(do you say Autumn or Fall)????( We say both in my family I prefer Fall,personally) lol. However,Autumn sounds,like ending, aww, that’s sad….The ending of SUMMER*-sigh-is one reason for my sadness,as I feel cooler,crisp air lingering,in the early morning. As well, I now wear long-sleeved tops,sweater,or a light jacket for,their is a Chill in the air.(the days,of short-tops,tank-tops,halters,etc. are OVER*……lol.. Autumn,usually begins in the month of September,and goes on until the month of November, in North America.(*BLURLIT)   “FALL” is when everything comes full circle,we go from lush green, to a brown barren landscape.Fall, refers to the Season when leaves Fall from the trees……Autumn/Fall,is the third season of the calendar year,it’s a time of great change!! everything begins to look different,the weather seems to turn!!!!!!Days are now shorter. Autumn,is a season of Plenty-if you walk through a park you’ll see an abundance of berries,and nuts.Even animals tend to stock up on food during this time of year,because it will be harder to find food to eat during winter in the (MID-WEST). At times I feel Autumn has a quiet almost mischievous approach,I say this because-One day it’s Mid-Summer,and within the next FEW* days,It’s Chilly,Breezy,cool/cold,Time to put on a jacket,sweater,coat,if you want to avoid the Chill……But,life goes on and soon Thankgiving,Christmas,arrive,along with the Snow,but, it’s a great change,(A New Season) isn’t that amazing??? we are Blessed….Have you began putting away summer furniture,clearing your yard of dying flowers?? raking your mulch,for added height, Also, adding (weed-&feed) will give you a more green*lush, lawn next summer…. Please, say you have put away all*(White Clothing)!!!! (I began packing away Summer clothes,in mid-sept,now, that’s one less thing I have to do!!!! YES!! lol.. So, my Friends, You  (Better to do it now) get everything labeled and put away for next year..I hope you will use some of this advice…Here’s to a Amazing Autumn and a Fantastic Fall…..(get busy, use plastic containers,and label,each one) Next year will be a breeze,as you once again get ready for summer……happy autumn/fall,to you and your family…Blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close..blm1957….



            Hey Everyone,I send you Love,Peace,and Joy Today,and Always.As my Message Alert,   (On my i Phone) Chimed this morning, (with the Birthday App) I turned over and smiled,as I remembered why, it’s September 18th,that means,it’s my FAV* Neice Birthday,No other than Ms.Ali Cheran McGraw….(our private secret)……lol….. BTW:I named Ali (Cheran) -sigh- Ali you are doing such* a AWESOME Job,on your JOB….lol.Trips,Money,Sales thru the Roof!!! Congrats…I’m so very proud of you…I Love You,My Favorite Neice……Other Family September Birthday’s-  Sept.5th-Alyllisa,Sept.15th-Verlyer& Son James..-sigh- Sept.18th-Ali Cheran,Sept.30th-Bishop Bae Lee..Happy,Blessed Birthday’s Family..Also,Happy (19th) Anniversary*-Rubenio&Betina Martinez (19 Years)wow…(19) Blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close….Peace,Love,Joy……………………


           I would like to wish each &  every Family & American, who ‘s Heart Still Ache!! As, YOU, ask WHY??? I say too You, with Time comes Healing,You may never get over the Pain & Sorrow,However, as Time passes,It becomes a little easier to get up each morning and face a new Day.To all The Children who lost* a Parent on that Fateful day, I send you Blessing and Prayers of Peace,and Calm,along,with the Knowing,that you will, and CAN* make it.One day at a time. We are American’s,We never give up/or in!!! we are Fighter’s.Giver’s,Helper’s,in the Mist of Sorrow.God Bless you All,Peace be unto to you and your Family.God Bless America and Every Citizen……Amen&Amen..blm1957@wordpress,com Hug your children,keep them close…… It will get Easier,each Year…..May the Heavens smile on you always…..Blm1957…….Peace,Hope,Love,Joy…………………………………….#World Trade Center  #Newyork  #Pennsylvania   #God Bless America     #12 YEARS AGO TODAY,  SEPTEMBER 11th.


                                                                                                                                                                    Hello Everyone! For several months now, while out Shopping,at the Mall,Grocery Shopping,or relaxing at the Spa,Hair& Nail Salon, School, even out Jogging,!!!!! But, Church?? (well you may get a pass,but, really??) I was at my Dental Office, and a Young Lady,about 30 yrs. of age came in,(with guess what) long false-lashes) it was 9:45am.(Morning)What The??? Is it me,who notice this trend?Or have you observed,this also?? Does, (every-other* )Young Lady,or Women,(18-56) years of age.Wear (FALSE EYELASHES)???? At first,the ladies,I glance at in passing, seemed to be wearing,(what looked like were long,curly,False Eye-Lashes)!!!! Nawww,!!!! I Murmured, That lady I just passed, did not have on fake lashes at 10:30am. In astonishment,I followed the young lady Into Macy’s, up to the Make-Up Counter,where she was quietly, pacing,seemingly,slightly, bored,yet polite!!!!As, I pretended,to glance and test a fragrance, Within, seconds,I was standing right next to her,Inches apart!! and Yes,this  young lady who appeared to be approximately 25, in Full Make-up!! and she topped* her look off with 6-inch,False Eyelashes..I was totally  bewildered,as, I slowly,left the Beauty Counter/Department,and headed for the escalator, I walked outside,Soon,a cool,soft,gentle,breeze, caressed my rigid puzzled face.I shook my head in disbelief,at what I just* witnessed…… I reached my car,unlocking it as I neared,I checked my Watch (just to be sure) For, I knew it was 8:45am,when I left home,Surprised,I looked at my wrist,Why!! it was ONLY 11:00am………….Therefore,I really needed to understand why a young women of 25,felt the need to get.Painstakingly Dressed, to the (NINE)apply Full-Make-Up& False Eyelashes!!!!!!!!!!!Why????????In the early morning???Now,I always wear make-up,if i’m going out,(that’s just me)Never*been a fan of the Quote”Unquote”(Natural look) Please..okay!! everyone,can apply just a dab of lip=gloss,a quick stroke of mascarca,Bam!! you are good to go..However, this new TREND* of wearing,False-Lashes at ANY HOUR OF THE DAY!!!!!! What/Who said this is okay?????  I, Really and Truly do not understand  this Fashion Trend……Therefore, I will give you Information,on the Orgin of False-Eyelashes……. False Eye-Lashes,have been applied since the beginning of the 20th Century,.Hollywood Film Stars,were the first to apply false-lashes -with long and bushy Eyelashes they had a “Majestic”look which helped them Stand* Out in the Crowd…By tradition,a film star should have a “Magnificent” look!!As not everyone, could brag about having long,thick,dark,natural lashes,applying false ones helped them out significantly.*(by tinata345)from Fashioneyelashes.com. At first,fake lashes were made of -Fringe-. Fringe was carefully attached to thread (ouch) lol..and by means of Glue-this pattern was affixed to the eyelid…………. Obviously,these eyelashes failed to look natural,besides,they lived a short life,and the glue didn’t often last for long, just several hours,As the procedure was rather Expensive,only the rich& famous adorned them….Years went by,no new trends/changes were observed.Applying false eye lashes was not that popular and it soon perished.However,in the 50’s the procedure became Popular again.Applying lashes had Advanced,and was less costly,Therefore, Film Stars,Could Not resist the burning desire to catch the Audience’s attention by their flaring,teasing, and blinking,to a captive audience.. Japan,is known to be the first to have produced natural interest and perfection..Japanese,strived to make fake-lashes as similar to Natural Lashes as Possible….They tailored the lashes,to duplicate the real ones.First,False Lashes were put together in bunches,and were glued to the eyelid. Then, a revolutionary event took place in false eye lash history-in 2006 Japan, introduced the lash-by-lash technique,This procedure made fake lash history,with it’s Natural Appearance, The new material looked like Sable&Mink’s Fur. It became so “POPULAR” That even today (MILLONS) Rich&Not So Rich,The Famous & Not So Famous,has made False Eye-Lashes a (BILLION) with a (B)!! Dollar Industry……Moreover, I can understand One wanting to look enchanting,sexy,and Alluring,However,My Opinion only,(don’t get upset with me) this is my Opinion to which we all are intitled,thus, just let me make my Point..So, when it’s finally your Wedding Day* How for goodness sake, are you going to look,Different*Beautiful,Gorgeous,With  every One Wondering, to themselves,(what was different about her) and you no what that difference will be?? (It will be your false eye-lashes)wore on your Special Day!! you will have a New look, for the New you.I Personally feel False Eye-Lashes,were not intented for every-day wear….It ‘s proper for that Special Occasion,(Proms,Weddings*,A special Evening Out, A Dressy Occasion) is the Proper Place for False-Eye Lashes…….I hope I have made you think!! let’s debate this..Please leave your comments below..Thank You…Blm 1957,hug your children,keep them close,Look Your very Best Always,just don’t over-do it….Thanks Friend..blm1957@wordpress.com Peace..   BTW: I Believe All Stars,Performers,All Stage Acts,Can wear Lashes Whenever..Just Saying…….. Live,Love,Laugh…… Just Smile……                      


                  Strangely,I Suddenly feel,Sensitive,Sullen,Sad,and Shamefully Sort of Scornful.Seriously,    my Special followers,At times, I feel Shameful,knowing just how Blessed I’m.However,there are times, one feels, to put it mildly Fed Up!!! with life, our families,(if only for a fleeing second) Our jobs,even the dog,* lol….Yet, we must “Inhale” -“exhale” Knowing* that there is always a  way out of any problem or Situation,if we only believe*and keep the faith*…………………….

Surprise:- This has been a TEST* Reread, the beginning of the upper Paragraph,What do you Notice????????????????  If you are as intelligent, and  above average in your knowledge, As,I know you are!! you guessed it…… Why,it’s the lovely month of September,(the month in the Mid-West) That Signals.. Fall is upon us,then comes winter* (yikes) lol.. So,Since it is September,I decided to give you a “Brain Teaser”…….There are 12 words,beginning with (S) S people,for September!!!!awwww!!!Did you guess???? Be Honest!!! Did you notice the number of (S’s) If you did CONGRAULATIONS!!! I deem you Sharp and very Smart…I truly hope this little experiment,put a smile on your face!! that was my goal* today,(something different) don’t you agree?? Why want you do me a favor,and write a small* Paragraph,beginning with the letter S!! Whatever, comes to your MIND..Please, feel free to leave your comments below.Keeping Them Clean*In the  Space(another S) lol…Below.I would love your input…..Thus, I Simply,cannot ,Sermonize,Suddenly,hearing Similar, “S” words from my Loyal Followers,Thank you in Advance….blm1957,hug your children,keep them  close…. here’s to Serenity,Sensuality,and a Sensational Evening…….. Use your Brain,Read,Write,Do Puzzles,Unsramble Words..Use your Mind……BLM1957..Peace.. BTW: Please,Keep It Clean!!!!!!!!!! Again,PLEASE KEEP THE (S) CLEANNNNNNNNN!PLEASE.THANK YOU……..Blm 1957…