So, today is August 3rd,each month as I turn my Calender, to the new month,I must say I’m always surprised,to once again,find myself in the throes of the 8th,month of the year…Just think.in 4 months,It will be Christmas!!!!! Yes, only 4 …….As, I stop to put away,some soothing tapes,and several inspirational verses,I realize I must start getting ready to start my Lay-Away’s ,  yes, with 4 Grandson’s and 3 Granddaugther’s.I Better Do Something…..lol…. I want to come back,to that   reality!! LATER……lol..I was outside again,for the 3rd time, today,I finally, got every Fall Plant, muched.And deep in the dirt.Old foliage is removed,and everything is clean,and newly raked,the mulch is full and a vibrate red, the soil is rich,and black.,it looks,as if a river of freshly packed Humus,,slowly and with purpose,rolled and settled, happily in my yard,knowing here, it would  find love, warmth,and regular upkeep,as if, it knows,a landscaper,,lives here…. lol..blm1957…hug your children,keep them close… Believe, keep the Faith….Peace&Love….blm1957@wordpress.com  BTW:  The Fall Plants,that I replanted,were “CHRYSANTHEMUM’S”- In a variety of vibrate Color’s,Namely,2 Sunny Yellow w-A snowny head of full blooms…2-Orange-Melon,2-Wine,2-Deep Taupe….What a lovely sight to behold…………Fall is in the Air…..Get Ready.blm1957…….


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