Hi,my followers! how are you this 26  day of August?Are you feeling the change of the season?Im,I sense the coolness,cloudiness,yet calm, of the days,(the 3 C’s) This Summer,more than any other time,I find myself,looking at (Tat’s) aka-Tattoo’s,You can say I’m somewhat of a Conservative,on the subject of Tattoo’s.Being ,that Summer is the season now,I find myself conscious of Tat’s. I feel 1or 2 tat’s are fine,I, have a middle size Rose, on my upper left shoulder, it is so Chic!I love it,and always receive compliments on my Rose,In summer,I often wear tops that accent my TATTOO. Now, I’m sure this will cause (CONTROVERSY) However,let’s agree to disagree!!! I Cannot Bear, to see a person covered in tat’s!!! Why I ask,as I gaze in astonishment!!!!!! this is so utterly Contemptuous to me.And, for a Women,I say WHY? would you disfigure,your body in this way???? Do you ever consider,what your children and/or friends think of you?I always,thought prisoner’s,had their bodies,covered in Tat’s,unfortunately,this is untrue,In this age,(21st Century)I feel people seem to think the more Tattoo’s the better..I ponder,do you think of Employment Issues,Okay,When you arrive at a prospective employer,what do you really think,they are thinking,when you arrive,covered in numerous tattoo’s???? I highly,doubt,they are taking you seriously,Can you imagine,working in a front office,and the very first person a New Client,comes into contact with is a person covered in tattoo’s,they would probably,head for the first open Exit. Truly… But, the thing,that upsets me most (as I watch all Cooking/Chef shows) is when I see a CHEF!!!!!! covered in Tattoo’s,this is so beyond distasteful(no pun intended)lol.Why, would I want a person covered in Tat’s preparing my Food,it looks,Unclean,Dirty,and Yuk!! (now you Chef’s don’t come after me)lol…This is my opinion…which I’m allowed,in our great U>S>A>.I just don’t like the look,often time,a person,   will try to cover them with a high-collar shirt,or blouse,However,you can always see them peeping thru…..It makes one wonder,What’s under there???? I would love to hear your comments on this subject.Please,leave your comments.Please.I’m not normally judgemental, This is one thing that gets me to ask Why????? I mean no disrespect,to anyone,I happen to find it over the top… But, this is America.Thus, one is entitled,to do whatever one choose.So, I’m waiting  to hear from  you covered Tattooer’s…..I love you anyway,lol.BLM 1957,hug your children,keep them close.Ladies,Please consider……Peace…. BTW:* A Tattoo: TO PRICK OR MARK THE SKIN WITH INDELIBLE PIGMENTS.TO MARK THE SKIN WITH DESIGNS,AS, A PATTERN OR PICTURE. *Funk & Wagnalis



            So, today is August 3rd,each month as I turn my Calender, to the new month,I must say I’m always surprised,to once again,find myself in the throes of the 8th,month of the year…Just think.in 4 months,It will be Christmas!!!!! Yes, only 4 …….As, I stop to put away,some soothing tapes,and several inspirational verses,I realize I must start getting ready to start my Lay-Away’s ,  yes, with 4 Grandson’s and 3 Granddaugther’s.I Better Do Something…..lol…. I want to come back,to that   reality!! LATER……lol..I was outside again,for the 3rd time, today,I finally, got every Fall Plant, muched.And deep in the dirt.Old foliage is removed,and everything is clean,and newly raked,the mulch is full and a vibrate red, the soil is rich,and black.,it looks,as if a river of freshly packed Humus,,slowly and with purpose,rolled and settled, happily in my yard,knowing here, it would  find love, warmth,and regular upkeep,as if, it knows,a landscaper,,lives here…. lol..blm1957…hug your children,keep them close… Believe, keep the Faith….Peace&Love….blm1957@wordpress.com  BTW:  The Fall Plants,that I replanted,were “CHRYSANTHEMUM’S”- In a variety of vibrate Color’s,Namely,2 Sunny Yellow w-A snowny head of full blooms…2-Orange-Melon,2-Wine,2-Deep Taupe….What a lovely sight to behold…………Fall is in the Air…..Get Ready.blm1957…….