~~~~IT’S JULY~~~~

              Hello Friends, Can you believe how time is fastly,passing?? Why, it’s now the 7th.Month of the Year,JULY…The 4th of July!!! Joy,Excitement,Fireworks,Food,Out-door Bar-b que’s are planned in nearly every household,or at a favorite relatives home, Good,food will be served all day,The Grill is Roaring Hot, and ready to burn,(not literally)lol. Backdoor Pools, are clean and clear,filled with floating toys,and various ages of friends and family,Our family had a great 4th,We celebrated,like it was 1999….lol.  My Husbands,Mom and Dad arrivied, from Seattle,along with my bonus Grandson,they love visiting, (although)I know my MIL,is very Elated,to see her only Son, now that Jesus~,(his older brother)passed on,Therefore, they cherish,my hubby,as he is the only son left……My Children,and 3 Sisters, stopped by, to visit,eat,and a little gossip!!!!(come on, you know your family does it also)We had a delightful day,and well,into the night,we had Fireworks,for the little ones,at dusk,even, the teens,and most grown-ups,seemed to really look forward to the Fireworks…The sky came alive with the, sights,and sounds, of the night.Whistles,Hissing,and loud booms,could be heard through-out,the neighborhood.Some of the little ones were afraid of the booming Sounds,and Earth Shaking Pops,but,they made it. At times,smiling,yet tearful,We had a Great Time,Flags,were blowing in the wind.Eariler, in the day,The Females in my family,Visitied,our love-ones Graves,(Mom,Dad,and 3 Brothers) We placed, Flowers,along,with small Flags,-sigh-This, was the only sad part of the day..God kept us in his Care,Covering us in the Blood, of Jesus,Thus, we were to blessed, to be stressed,Well, the 4th,is over for another year,I so love this Summer Hoilday…..Child-hood Memories,fill me with beautiful,and loving,lasting thoughts,of days past,looking ahead to better days….Keep the Faith,remain Prayerful,God Bless You and your Family today and always….blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….Peace…  Lastly,Happy Birthday  Demond,July 1st!(my nephew) Alexis Sade~July 23rd,(Keydee’s Baby)Sadly,this is the First Year Anniversary,Of My Brother, Jay,R>I>P>He Departed this Life,July 7th,2012. Also,My  Deepest Sympathy,To the Lee* Family,My Family,in the Loss,of a Husband,and Dear Father.To his 3 Sons,G,BishopBae,and E.J. Ann ,and Boys, I’m Praying for you Guys,Our*God is Able,he will see you thru…Amen&Amen..In Memory,of E.T.Lee.Now,in a place of Peace….. blm1957…..#Remember the 19 Firemen!!!!