Greetings All my friendly Followers,Aren’t you delighted,that June, has  arrived,bringing,NEW BEGINNINGS*,Summertime*( It’s what we in the Mid-west Await) Summer**… For, we liken,Summer, to the joy of Christmas** (the Favorite Holiday for Everyone)lol. Every year as I turn my Calender,to the month of June, A feeling of Joy, Peace, and Happy-Memories,engulf Me. I feel lighter, more focus, happy, energetic,and I just want to Live, Laugh,and Love Everyone,by, helping Someone in Need, or, Volunteering my Service to a Homeless-Shelter, But, most  of all, I just Love to SMILE*For, It’s June, and Many will Travel, to visit Family out of Town,Others,will Travel Abroad,Visting Places,they have long awaited!!Many will see Relatives,at Family Reunions, that they had not seen in years, (for the little-ones)It’s all about Vacation,Vacation.Did anyone say (Disney World????)!!lol…..As we Begin this JOYOUS, JUBILATE,Month of JUNE,may you continue to Pray*and never Cease,    Friends,If we ever needed to Devote, more time to Prayer,and reading our Bible, I feel, that time is Now* we can make a difference,in this World,we live in today, Let’s Pray…Prayer is the key…….It  Saddened me  SOOO deeply,Just listening to the Evening News,(most times, I just turn the channel.and Pray, For, it is just that Upsetting..But, we must strive on..Now, BACK* to the Lighter,Happier,Joyous, June Discussion..LOL..What are you and your Family Plans for the Summer? Please,engage,in some sort of Activity,with your Brew..lol.. Get out of THE HOUSE!!!! Instead,of driving,(This will also save Gas*,Can you believe the High Prices) Go for a long Walk,with your Children,(They will Love it)-sigh- Does your neighborhood still have the privilege of the (Ice Cream Truck)lol,well, if you are indeed lucky enough to have the “ICE CREAM MAN” drive slowly looking,left to right,for the happiest little-ones,and (Parents) also,looking for a Cold, Chilly, Refreshing,Treat on a Hot Summer day or evening.The music,is lively,at times,Loud..lol….But, it brings the little ones, running,some crying because,they think he will not wait!!!! lol..However, he Always*wait,for that’s his duty,to Cool Down his Customers..My Grandson’s,are just like their Dad’s, when they hear the* TRUCK,(QUICK),get the Change Jar,sat aside(just for the ice cream man)as we head for the curb,at the end of our Drive,,at times,we walk over to the next Street,to get ahead of our Friends,I buy whatever my Grands want….. I still love the Snow Cone,Ice Cream Sandwich,and the old stand by,the Bomb Pop,I love all 3 flavors,red,white,and blue,U/S/A/lol..Today,my Grandson’s chime in,their preference,Brennan,wants a Super Sonic,while,BrandonJr. exclaims,Grandma,I want a Chilly-Willy,(what the heck is a Chilly-willy???)lol..Well,as we walk away  from the Truck ,everyone,is Exuberant,as we Devour,our Cold/Chilly Treats.(This is fun,and offers,great bonding time)I love this time of day…June,is the beginning of Summer,you can also, jump into your Pool,to cool down,(always remember,the safety rules)Summertime,is my kind of year,for I’m an Outdoors   person…I can stay outside half the morning,stopping only to drink a gulp of liquid,from a cold bottle of water,or ice tea.This is the Life!! Don’t you Love it???? I just know it’s  going to be a Joyous,Jubilate,JUNE…Have Fun,in the Sun.(don’t forget the Sun-Screen)Plan on Outings,to your local Parks,on Cooler Days,try visiting the Zoo..what kid doesn’t love the Zoo???? Make this the Best June* yet!!! A Joyous June,to you and your Family..hug your children,keep them close…blm1957..Stay Cool…  June Birthday’s June 3rd.Oscar Curtis,(My Child-hood Classmate)Love You Always..June 8th.Kourtney Alexis,(Nana love you Ko-ko) Bonus Daughter Nicole E.(Nick)June 15th. My Sweet Sister Sandy C,(We’ve Had Some FUN!!)June  19th.(My Child-hood SweetHeart)JOHNNIE BUCKLEY (Bunchly) June 17th…The Perfect Gentelman Is Josh Arnold, June 20th.(Handsome&SO Nice, J-A 3) Wow,this Saddened Me..(My Oldest,DEAREST,Brother(GEORGE W.JR.June 21st.(I Miss You Skibbs)Miss You.R.I.P. My Dear Brother…. The Music Maker*Ernest J.June 27th.(Pooh)Also,My Dear Aunt Thelma,(T>C>)Top Cat)lol..She was my Fav*,R>I<P> And,Lastly, but, NEVER,Least My SHANNON BANNON**(June 5th)B.Ma loves you…….My Beloved Brother-In-Law-Jesus~ Tenorio,June 25th.(R.I.P.)   Here’s To All You Special June Family & Friends…….BLM1957………..