Hi Friends,This Morning,I awoke,Reflecting on the fact,that today is “Memorial Day” for many,Memorial Day, Means the Beginning of Summer**However,Every Year, the last Monday in May,is a time to Reflect on the ultimate Sacrifice made by our many Brave Soilders.The Festivites,we enjoy on this holiday are Freedoms, among many others, that these “HEROES” have fought to ensure..If you happen to walk past,or find yourself in a Solider Presence today, Please stop and THANK* them for their Servive..Please..My Dad was a Veteran* He served in the Army,  as he would proudly,inform you!!!! (he was so proud,of his service)…..As little children, he told us “Stories of War” He lost his best friend,he died right next him..(he was always sad,as he recalled these events…) He never sought Treatment for the Stress,and Fear of War,(Bless his Heart) We are so Proud of you Big Dad,and today.as the Family attended,our annual Parade,we paused,as the Brave,Soilders past,some walked with strength,and focus,others, were older and frail,yet,they marched on…For their Country,the Great U>S>A>…We salute you Dad…..We also fly our American Flag* today and Everyday.Proudly,we all (family members) have Flag’s  we proudly    Fly,Everyday..On this Memorial Day* I say God Bless Each&Every Soilder ,Male and Female..Amen&Amen….Hope today is a Wonderful Day for all who Serve* our Country…WE THANK YOU… May  God  always watch over you,as, the Blood Of Jesus* Protects and Covers You .Amen & Amen..blm1957,hug your children,keep them close.. Give a Solider a big Hug Today****** Peace…Have a Blessed Memorial Day.. BLM1957..BTW:My Dad Was in World War 2…….                                       


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