Hello Everyone,I have not written on my blog,due in part to feeling “Overwhelmed” I’m just totally Overwhelmed,along with several friends and family members,I felt I was just recovering from the shock of Newtown.Thus,the newest tragedy,to befall America*,has me again  stunned..to say the least somewhat bewildered. The latest Tragedy,being The Boston Marathon.As Millions,watched and waited to participate in this Yearly Race,  Evil,struck,yet,again.The day was bright,clear,and full of Anticipation, Runners,were warming up,ready for the Race ahead.Knowing some last year winner’s would become losers,and some losers,this year would become Winners…  Although,(there are no LOSERS)Some just knew,this was/is the Year!!!!!!!

….At 2:50pm.Life changed AGAIN>I do not want to speak on these BROTHER’S,I just DONT…To the 3 deceased,(ages)8,21,and29.I offer my sincere Sympathy,to the badly injured,most(life-altering) loss of limbs,etc.etc.I offer Prayers,and Healing*to your wounded bodies,may God heal you and deliver Peace*and Comfort* to your Spirit.Mind and Soul..I pray you heal in record time,for,with TIME*comes Healing..Amen&Amen…  I would like to offer some tips when one is feeling (OVERWHELMED)-If you now feel weighed down,plagued,beset,  inundated,or just Exhausted!!!!Take short breaks,listen to soothing music(water&streams) try breathing exercising, or take a walk with your friend or grands,maybe,even Alone!! remain Calm,(TRY) calmness,is sometimes fleeing,but,  you can achieve Calm if you focus….Turn off the TV,or simply change the channel to a movie,you enjoy!! Hug your love one’s, everyone is feeling strained,and in some cases DRAINED!!!!I would love*to Thank All Law-Officials,and the F.B.I. for a Speedy,Quick,Capture!!!!!!!(job well done)Thank You,and to the Public,who offered Pictures,and Information,   We all Thank You,American’s are such wonderful,caring,People!! God,Bless Us,in our time of trouble,bring us up and out.. Amen&Amen.I Truly hope in some small way,these tips will somehow help you,Prayer,is the key..Stay Prayerful…God Bless America,Our beloved President,and every Citizen*of this Nation…blm1957,hug your children,keep them close to you…Peace..#Newtown,#Boston,#West,and the MIT Officer…..Keep Hope alive…. BTW:Happy Birthday to My Big Daddy.The Best Dad..R>I>P>H.D.Dozier…..


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