Everyday things Change,and the World,seems like a New Place….Certain things Rearranged,Can make One feel the Sad Pains.Pain’s of loss,defeat,sorrow,and despair,However,there is always Hope!!Thus,I take all Change,in Stride…..Being,a Christian,A Believer,in my Lord and Saviour,I view Change,as a chance to make a huge difference,in One’s life.A person’s life,can Change,in a blinking of the Eye…….. Therefore,I choose to remain,HOPEFUL*,JOYOUS,and PRAYERFUL……………CHANGE- We,cannot Change our Past.We cannot Change,the fact that People Act,one way with you, and another way with others…….We cannot Change,the Inevitable!!!(Death) when it’s our time to leave this Earth… The One thing we can do is Stop,Listen,and avoid hurried Decisions. Last Year I decided,to Change my Attitude!!!! Believe me It felt very good,to listen quietly,to my inner-self. While,in Prayer,I visualize,  Water,running softly,yet,forceful,as if a storm is brewing,deeply under the Earth’s Core,silent,but, deadly,  with enough force to uproot a huge home in a matter of seconds.But,I find the Water,proves,to be so refreshing,and cleansing,that the Roaring,Pounding, Sounds,leaves you at times frighten,yet,Unmoved,by the rapid,currents surrounding you.In the Storm, you refuse to give in to FEAR,nor, will you let the Water,detour,you from your Prize.Peace and Joy,awaits,if you only hold on despite,the Furious sounds all around you Amen&Amen… Change,is a Beautiful thing.Hold on tightly…for, Joy comes in the Morning………Why don’t you Change,one of the Rooms,in your Home,Rearrange,your Furniture,buy a new lamp,or lamp shade,(you will be surprised)what a Change* in Redecorating can do for your Postive* new Self!!!!!lol.seriously,try it,will you lose any-thing? NO…..You will feel empowered,and Free,with the Knowledge,that you are to “Blessed to be Stressed!!!!!! Change- Is the Essence of Life,Be willing to Surrender,What you are,For,What you can Become.Anyone,can give up!it is the easiest thing in the World to do,but,Hold On!Keep it together, when everyone else would Understand,if you fell Apart,No,don’t give in.Hold on!(THAT’S TRUE STRENGTH)Amen&Amen…”Don’t Cry because it’s Over,Smile because it Happened!!!!!!!!                 Try and Fail,(it’s okay)BUT,DON’T FAIL TO TRY……………Change, is a great thing,moving into Another Level,Make your Change.do it for you………Change Is Good……hug your children,keep them close to you….blm 1957….I made Changes,Will You??? God Bless You and Your Loved Ones…..blm


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