Do you have a Best Friend? Are you lucky enough to have a Childhood Friend?????? Well. I can answer YES, to both questions,Yes, My Best Friend of 45 years,(Marla) is also, a (Child-Hood) Friend!!! At the Tender age of 7 years,Our Families,Lived next door to one another,for 20 Years!!!!Back in the Day,(Late 60’s))Everyone,in our Neighborhood,came from Large Families,Uncommon, was a Family of 3 or 4 even.For,Everyone, I knew, came from a Family of Seven,  or more…Funny,you say,Absurst!even, lol.But,These were the best of times,we didn’t have Monetary Wealth,nor, Big* Fancy,Large,Homes,(However) My Parents,provided their Children,Yep, all 7 of us with a Lovely 4 Bedroom Home,However,we only had (one)Bathroom!!! Yes,I said,( 1.Bath,(I know you are wondering how can 7 children,2 Adults,Commandeer 1 Bathroom!! We did it, It made us,Proud,Independent,Loving,Caring,Sharing, Strong,Children.My Mom,had a Shift,A Plan,if you will……………The Girls,went in first,you brushed your teeth ,and styled your hair.Washed,as we generally bathe the night before,sometimes,I wish to linger longer,to set in the tub,if,only for 5 more minutes….(You Kids/Children) TODAY,have it made in the Shade,and hardly,any of you Realize it………. Clean and Dressed, we headed,off to School.Later,as we grew into Tweens,then Teens,Young Ladies,Wife’s,Mother’s,Marla and I, always remained Best Friends, Marla’s Husband, lived 2 Streets over,lol.My Child-Hood (Sweetheart)lived about,10blocks away,-sigh-..lol..I liked him so much!!!! My Johnny…..Back,to the 1 Bath,LOL…..We Sister’s, knew just how long we each  had,So we hurriedly,used our Time Wisely,San,was always slow,as we yelled Mom,San is to Slow,make her hurry,I would hear my Mom sometimes,laugh,yet,some Morning’s she wasn’t Playing*with any of US..lol…Just,the Tone of her Voice,the Pitch,Determined,if you should Wisely,get in and get out………lol..and we did.My Mom,had 5 girls,2 boys,Marla’s Parents,had  9 Children,3 girls, 6 boys,Wow.. We have,had So many Laugh filled Days,remembering,our Child-Hood,Her,Mom was soft-spoken,My mom was a bit more Robust,you knew just where she was coming from…At times,we heard,Marla’s Mom,softly,Chastising, her children,and at times,if her Dad got home early from Work,We could hear him Yell, at the boys,for their unfinished chores,my Dad had his loud Days,also..As,for Punishment*!! Yes,we got a (Whipping)with a belt or Hand,it made us better adults.I feel Children need structure,discipline,and love,along with compassion and hugs……(Time-Outs..Yeah Right) I’m thankful,for my rearing,and the spankings,I received,so,does Marla.We,often laugh,as we remember,listening,if either,Parent,was upset or louder than usual..It was fun!!! Our Mom;s would stand at the Clothes-line,hanging all those clothes,Marla’s Mom,had so many pairs of boy’s Jeans,(it was as if a Demin truck,crashed,and dropped,loads of blue demin,onto,   her clothesline)softly,quietly,leaving,demin for days…..their had to be 50 Pairs,lol…I had to Iron,the Parents Clothes,Marla had to Iron all her Sister’s Clothes,Each child had a Chore to Do…Everyone,We had days,when we disagreed on something,but,we always,remained friends,even,when one of my Sister’s were no  longer,talking to her Sisters,lol..We’ve stayed BFF’S,and today Years later,we live only 10 minutes,away from One Another’s Home,Yes,we’ve gone to School Plays,Recitals,Basketball Games,attended,Weddings,(our children) Births,Baby-Showers,You Name It…Her Children call me Auntie,My Children Call her Aunt Marla,She has 2 Children,A Daughter,and Son,I  have 3 Children,A Daughter,and 2 Sons,our Daughter’s are the same age…Awww.  as,well as our oldest Sons,same age,(Isn’t that Special) WE THINK SO!!! I love my Best Friend,Marla,she has been their for me,and I her,Illness,and Health, We know we are Forever Child-Hood Friends……Do you have a (Best Friend) Child-Hood Friend?(A Friendship that has withstood the Test Of Time??????????)I Do. My BFF,Marla…….Hug your children,keep them close,,,blm1957…Peace and Friendship………Friends,how many of us, Have Them???…GOOD FRIENDS,CHILDHOOD FRIENDS……….. BTW:My Dad,added an additional Bath&Shower,also,a Guest Bedroom,Several Years later..Thanks Dad….lol


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