Welcome Everyone, to this New Month of March.What a Joy,it is to behold another Year!!I’m very Thankful,for being afforded,this blessing of seeing a New Year,as well as another Month of March…March Madness!!!!!! Some fondly,call this Month,of new beginnings,for, Winter Bulbs,Crocuses,Lilly’s,and Tulips,are rearing,their lovely heads…..It fills me with such*delight to see/know,that Spring**** is just around the corner..Yea!!! Think SPRING!! how awesome it is,to have 4 Season’s,I love them all..(Spring,Summer*,Fall,and Winter) I love living in the Mid-west,  knowing, I will get the opportunity,to enjoy,all 4 Weather Changes…(what a pleasure)knowing in the Spring,the Earth begins to slowly Warm,causing growth,green*(Greenery) be it your lawn,plants,or trees,Bud’s and Bulbs,are coming back to life,you feel better,you seem to have more Energy,a sence of well-being,overcomes you,you can go that extra mile or block,(it seems)….Summer*(Summer is my time of Year) in the Summer,I arise,EARLY,(5:00am) Taking time to Pray,and give God the Glory,for awaking me,not, letting any illness,pain,or distress,disturb my world,(I’m truly grateful)for this Grace,God is Good!! Amen.We have a Landscaping Business,I have several customers,4 permanent One’s.. I’m not afraid to get my Hands Dirty,I just LOVE being outside in the Summer…At times,it seems I’m a Ship,adrift,at Sea,alone,off course, uncertain,of my direction,but, I remain cool and calm,in the midst of,loud,cold,dark,waves,it appears, the water, will over  take my Ship,but, NO!! just, as it seems,to fill, with an abundance of murky,salt water, Thankfully, the Sun, comes out,Bright and Clear,and Land, is inches away,if I only take a small step,I will be on Dry Land….This is how Summer affects me,My husband has literally,called me in,asking nicely, Honey, okay.you’ve been outside long enough now,come on inside,I’ve fixed you a snack.. This always gets me!!!lol,,Snacks….Food,,summer food,(light snacks) cold,refreshing, Drinks…I love summer, So many things to do,and explore,spending time with family, Picnic’s, Family Reunion’s, etc. etc. Then, their’s Fall, you begin,to clean up your yard,and trim,and cut,In this Weather, you only need a light Sweater,(my mom always loved Fall,because,she said,you only need a sweater) awwww!!! Summer,was a tad hot for her..lol..Fall brings, a delightful Crispness,to the Air, (a cleanness if you will) You can feel that change* is Coming….. Winter Maybe???? Well, That Snapped Me Back****LOL… For,it’s the dead of Winter,   it’s Cold and Snowy….. I’m a little tired of the Cold now!!! (sorry )lol… But, I KNOW* Spring is just around the  corner,so I’m Good!!!  Oh,Yeah,I’m going to make it!!!! I have to.I’ve got to much living to Do….. God Bless You and your Family…Hug your Children.keep this Close……… Happy March,Remember,Summer will be here shortly………. Amen&Amen…blm1957..Peace…


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