Why, Today,is the Blessed Day!of my Dear,Sweet,Handsome*,with a Capitol H..lol.. Grandson’s 5th  Birthday!! FIVE>> 5th. 12345.” So Today Is Your Day”!!! Wow, Bren it seems, like just yesterday,your Parents,brought, you home from the hospital,Bren, You’re a “GENIUS” with so much Promise!! You are a Winner, Our Prince*…..Geese,Loves you So Much,It Hurts ,Sometimes…I laugh,throughout,the day,as, I think of  the Intelligent, Grown-up, Hilarius,,things you say!!!!You are a Cool Dude,,My Sweetheart,My Grandson, You are ready for School.Five,what an Important Mile-Stone.For,Ages, 1, 5,13,16,18 ,21, and 30. Are/Will be your most Important, Cherished  Birthdays….I will continue,to always remind you to keep Jesus*,First Place,In your Life!(Father God)Our Lord&Saviour…… Well,Geese & Paw Paw,are getting things ready for your (:Chuckee Cheese) Party!!!!! Yea!!! Bren, Loves Chuckee,* lol.Well, Grandson, you are (SO SPECIAL) to me,I Love You Bren…Happy 5th.Birthday,Grandson…Love Geese,&Paw-Paw,Bren, You, said when you turned 5* you were going to stop calling me Geese,and Call me Grandma!! Are You?? Guess what I like Geese now!!! LOL..See You Soon Birthday Boy..(SO TODAY IS YOUR DAY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (All Day)  Yes,We Got What You Wanted For Your 5th. Birthday!!!!(that’s what Grandparents do)……………Wrapped and Ready…oxxo…. “SO TODAY IS YOUR DAY’,AS GRAM,WOULD SAY.BLESS HER SOUL…  Bren’s Special Day!!FEBRUARY 20th…………………..


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