If your skin needs a Boost* a Facial Mask,might be in order.First, you have to find your particular skin type.     My skin type is dry/oily,it seems to become driest,in winter,oily,in summer,Therefore,I adjust to the season.lol. Have you tried a facial mask? Do you think they are helpful? I flutter both ways, Yes,No,Maybe so!!!!lol…How about scrubs?However, I try a facial mostly in winter,last night,I gave myself my first facial of the season,it felt great!my skin has a glow and shine,I have missed.Although,they seem to irritate my very sensitive skin,awww.Therefore, I limit the usage,  my sister Ann,gives herself a facial twice weekly,she has done this for years,it never affects her,and she has the beautiful glow to prove it.My Dermatalogist, suggested a mild facial,to see if it helps,with my dry scales,suggesting,I only leave it on for 5 minutes,instead,of 20 min.So, I applied my (mild) mask for 5 minutes, I must say,my skin felt,very smooth,soft, and clear…(but, will I break out later?) was my question!!!well,I will have to just wait and see……..My sister,says,I have to stick with the facial,giving it time to adjust to my skin,as,one application,will not do the trick,she insists,I have to*make it apart of my skin regiment,and once my skin adjust,I will see a change!! Maybe, I should make her my Derm,and visit her as needed..LOL..Masks,contain a higher concentration of active ingredients,than creams and lotions.Thus, you may see results faster than you would with a cream or moisturizer alone. To, bring dull,tired,irritated skin back to life,here is some advice on choosing a Mask,that will work best for your skin type:1)FOR OILY SKIN AND LARGE PORES:look for ingredients like Kaolin Clay,and Silica,these products,can be found at any beauty supply store.BTW:Warn your spouse and children, so,as to not scare them to death…lol..(not a pretty look) smile….Kaolin Clay and Silica,absorb oil and reduce shine.   Kaolin,helps calm breakouts by fighting inflammation and redness.Also,2)THE BODY SHOP TEA FACE MASK- by  Roth Therapeutic.(if you have dry flaky patches,look for a Hydrating Mask with oils and emollients)3) TRY BOOTS NO.7 SKIN HYDRATION MASK-with Glycerin and Ceramides to replenish the Skins Suppleness..For sensitive skin like mine, look for water-based gel masks that contain natural skin soothers,like cucumber and aloe.These masks cool your skin as they dry,thereby,helping reduce redness and irritation,Store the mask in the Fridge. Yes, Cucumbers,with Colloidal and Oatmeal shows great results…Look for these main ingredients:Hyaluronic acid  and Olive leaf Extract,which helps repair the skins natural balance. 4) FOR ANTI-AGING-Look for Masks that contain Collagen-building Retinol.Face Masks,that contain,Acids,Lactic’s,and Citric Acids,remove dead,dull skin cells,and reveal plump skin..Yes.(that’s what I’m talking about)lol..always check with your Doctor first!!!!!!!!               HERE’S TO A GLOWING-CLEAR,FRESH YOUTH-FUL FACE…AMEN&AMEN…blm1957..Keep That Glow…Peace…


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