Can I ask you, my new friends, have you notice anything about your once full,thick,head of Hair?I have! for the last year or more,I’ve noticed my hair is becoming Thin,in spite of having a twice-weekly regiment of washing,    and conditioning my hair,I have always had thick,yet,fine hair,therefore,when,I parted,my scalp,and combed my hair out,yes,upon further inspection,it appeared thinner,I asked my Sister’s and Marla, if they were/had notice a difference in their Hair,each of them replied,why,Yes,it seems,my Hair is getting Thinner! Not good! lol.. Yes, we all agreed on this subject.My Mom had Fine,soft,Hair,and as her personal Hairstylist,I always styled her Hair for any special event,she was attending.I loved combing and styling,her Hair,she seemed to relish in the moment also, as all the children gathered around watching,as I transformed her into a more*beautiful Mom..lol.when,I finished her hair,she looked lovely and younger,we all chimed as one,she blushed,and went to finish Dressing,for her evening away from us kids….. So believe me when you see, your hair is not as full as,I’ll say 1 month ago, I got busy reading on the subject,after a visit to my Dermatologist,who after examining my complete scalp,explained, As, we age,around late 40’s,early 50’s, One can see/expect the Hair to become Thin,(showing signs of Thinning) awwww..It seems,if you turn your head a certain way,you can see straight through it..(not good) but, there is hope.Hold on..lol. As, a women enter Perimenopause,you may notice that your Hair* starts to look Thinner than it did previously.This is due to Fluctuating Hormones.Fine hair is more likely,she adds,to become Thin….(oh No)I almost shouted! knowing, my hair is Fine…(Say What??)lol..Also, Thinning hair may be a result of harsh chemical treatments,certain medications,poor nutrition,or excessive stress,cause Thinning and Hair loss…. Many once thought ,thinning Hair only happened in men,Untrue! Both men and women experience some thinning or loss of hair by the time they are 60,and many men will become Completely Bald…We need Protein! and more protein products,to help keep our hair strong..So, here are some suggestions,I hope will be helpful to you,however, First, consult your Dermatologist,before trying any product Please..1)Find the best Shampoo For (Thinning Hair) Nioxin System 3   Shampoo, is a popular shampoo used to treat Thinning Hair.This Shampoo contains ingredients that cleans your scalp and remove residues that can clog your hair follicles and lead to hair loss.Also, look for these main ingredients:PANTHENOL and B VITAMINS,to nourish the Hair and Scalp.Folicure Mosisturizing Shampoo for Dandruff. Dandruff can cause you to Scratch,thus,Scarring your hair follicles.Folicure works by reducing the   dandruff,the main ingredient in Folicure, is (Pyrithione Zinc) zinc,helps nourish your hair, so it does not split,or break off.Lastly, I hope these suggestions,will benefit you,this is my Hope,to help someone,even if it is just 1 person,then,I say Amen&Amen..Here’s to a Healthy,Head of Hair,Moving and Blowing in the wind,with Fullness,and Sheen,Smelling Great,and Well-Groomed.Be Blessed on this Journey,called Life.blm1957…


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