As,you know,I’m having some Dry Skin problems,this winter season,but,after using some of the suggestions and remedies,I’m pleased to report,I feel,and see,Improvement!!Yea…..You have to keep up the regiment because,  Dryness, “DOES NOT” clear up over-night,therefore, you must,use the Med’s daily,(sometimes 3 times daily) it’s all good,for, the end result,Is Well* worth it….2 weeks ago, I noticed,my lips,were becoming Dry,and Chapped..(OH NO) not my LIPS*,they are luscious,and smooth,soft and supple,however,I’m outside more now,so I can see a difference in my Skin.Because of the Dryness winter brings….I love Lipstick!I always have,and always will..lol.My mom and My favorite aunt mae,have told me tales,of how much I’m like my Paternal Grandmother,awww..I proud of this, my family says,my grandma would not leave her home,without her (RED) lipstick,she was well-groomed,I’m told,always neatly attired..Mom,told me, you are just like your grandma,you always Have* to have on Lipstick,to which,I smiled,and apply one more layer.(.My husband,has even told his Co-workers,when the men talk about their spouses)How,I will not go to the Mailbox*without my Lipstick.he says they laugh,and remind him,he’s lucky* for some wives,  want even comb* their Hair,(Yikes) let along,put on lipstick,or,(make-up)!!!! lol..Lips,* are often the first to show signs of damage and chapping,* Due to the Ultra-thin layers of skin and their regular exposure to sun,wind,and cold..Food and environmental allergies,may also,be responsible for dry,chapped lips.Chapped Lips,can be painful and are sometimes so red and swollen that the border of the upper lip is indistinct.Nasal congestion,can force one to breathe through the mouth,which dries out our lips.If your Lips,are dry,peeling,and sore they are CHAPPED..A generous layer of Blistex medicated Lip Balm,can provide relief.Some other remedies are:Carmex Chapstick,(good) which contains beeswax and phenol,ingredients that moisturize the lips and soothe irritation; Vaseline,(is an old-school staple) used for years, for, just about everything..lol…Vaseline,contains the protective ingredient Petroletum,Lip Balms,containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, may also help minimize the symptoms of chapped lips.Always,remember,use a lip-balm or lipstick in this dry,Cold Weather,(seal in the mositure)…You need your  KISSER*lol..smooth,and Kissable………………. Therefore,strive to keep them moist, smooth,,and supple,Just, one Moment,I’ve got to apply some Lip-Balm..lol…     blm1957..Here’s To Kissable Lips!!! (He just might want your Kiss)!!!!!!!!!Improve your Pucker-Appeal…..Peace…


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