Go ahead,SMILE!(you look so beautiful,when you smile) SO SMILE…….Stress and anger can take a major toll on your Complexion.How you feel can affect the way your skin looks.Smile, for Good  Skin.The saying”laugther is the best medicine”actually has some medical validity,Studies show that our emotions can have Positive and Negative consequences on our bodies,and affect the appearance of our skin,our Moods and Outlooks,have the greatest impact on how we look,feel,and how others perceive us/you.Sometimes, we are our worst enemies,dealing with the stress’ of life,and just trying to make ends meet,causes,some to do things/acts,they wouldn’t ordinarily indulge in. there, are causes and effects for our actions,and our outlook on life,Also, what is happening in your personal life, There are some emotions,we should really take seriously,and thrive to make changes in our private lives………  ANGER- Road Rage or Arguing can set the stage for more “WRINKLES”. Anger makes your facial muscles tense,which, over-time gives you Lines,try to Relax*and Breathe*.I realize    as I stated earlier,It’s a challenge,however,’THINK OF YOUR LOOKS’ (no joke) Your Beauty!YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!Feelings of Anger* can also affect how your SKIN rejuvenate and heals…………………)DEPRESSION-    Like anger,sadness, weighs heavily on the Face* and can cause lines,and wrinkles from repetitively   frowning..(oops I’m guilty) I’m trying to stop frowning,I can actually,feel myself,I can look into the mirror and see that I’m (Frowning)not good.so I find myself smiling instead.I going to conquer this emotion..I have too)Wrinkles, are not cute,nor, are they endearing..Why look Older,before your time?? Please,stop frowning! starting today….I will/will you????? FEAR- I know at some point, we all experience Fear* it’s only natural,However,there are things we/you can do, to calm ourselves more easily,when we feel threatened or in danger,The Brain’s first reaction is to signal the Adrenal Gland, As a result,heart rate and blood pressure can go sky-high. Not a good thing..Also, Fear chemicals can cause you to look pale,weak and washed-out.Do you want to look like a Ghost? yikes! I didn’t think so..lol….Will you strive to relax in the midst of trouble,place your TRUST* in the Lord,Lean on Him, he’s Mighty and Strong!!! He will bring you thru Any thing,He knows all,and See’s all…….I love Relaxation Tapes.Water,Streams,and gentle Bird calls,always calm me,giving me a surge of energy.Sitting myself up for a restful sleep…..All night sleep….awwww.. Life is Great..So,what are you going to do to change your MOOD???Start Today..The affect will be have a Positive Affect  On Your Skin……..I hope these suggestions,are helping you,It makes me feel good,to past along informative, simple,routines, one can do, for your own personal growth and satisfaction…. blm1957,Check your Mood,keep it Cool…..Continue looking Great!!!!! Peace…….hug your children,keep them close…..Happy Birthday,Cousin Ezell.Feb.12th.aka.Luke.lol.luv u…..Grandson Myles,Feb.13th.  Happy Birthday 8th,Myles…Nana&PawPaw love you………My M.I.L.Maria~Happy Birthday Mom.Feb.17th,We love you….


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