Hi Everyone,Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your “LOVE” hope your Day is going Great*  what are your plans this 14th.day of February.As, you know I’m a (Hope-Less Romantic) so I’m ready for what is to come,My 2 Sons and Grandsons,stopped by earlier this morning bearing gifts of Roses, 2 Boxes of Chocolate’s,and my Dear Grands,brought me a huge White soft,furry,Bear,with Roses in her Arms.(so cute&special) awwww! I have collected Valentine Bear’s for the last 4 years, I have at least  30,I get them for my Birthday,Easter,Christmas,and of course* Valentine’s Day…My Family knows,to bring me a White,huge,med.or small, soft Bear,to make me Happy,and my Children add very NICE!!!lol..I love them all,I keep about 6 in our Bedroom,and some are in the guest room,while the rest live in  the Den,on a lovely shelf, My Hubby build just for them.I wish you could behold my Home Today, my Living Room,is simply Breath-taking….There,are 4 dozen in Vase Roses,strategically spread around the room,there appears to be an abundance of Baby’s Breath,I love The fullness,baby breath provides,it is Beautiful,My Daughter and Son-in-law,sent 1dozen,A Med.size Bear,and my Hubby and Son’s sent the rest.Why, the smell* is Heavenly!!!!!!!!!I also, have White heart-shaped Ballons,Red heart-shaped Ballons,2 Extra large Red,white,and black, “I Love You” Ballons,(what a sight) My Daughter,loves my style,she says she cannot Decorate like I can!!(poor baby)lol.she just love the look and smells,for, I have 6 Red,6 White,and the 3 Extra large Ballons,sorted,mixed,6red,1ex-large together,6 white,and2ex-lg,together,they sway,twisting and  turning,like a entangled ball of yarn,trapped,yet free! My Candles,OMG! I have several fragrances,Black-Cherry,Mango, Strawberry,Coconut,and Cherry-Berry(delicious)lol..Seriousily,you have to behold this scene,to believe the Grandur…..Wow, it’s 6pm,My husband,will be home Soon, He made Reservations,at Julian’s,in the St.Regis,as I step out the shower,smelling divine,I apply my make-up carefully,My little Black Dress,hangs,on the closet over-hang,tiny& pretty,perfect for this occasion,I hear Tenario,coming upstairs,we kiss,I hand him his gift from myself,(Heart Briefs) cute..and a Gold-Link Chain,he smiles,as he try’s it on,he loves it, However,our Reservation is for 9pm.Sharp! you should not be late,Valentine,is a Busy*day for Julian’s.As,I pick out my Jewelry,one last time,I finally decide on the Gold-leaf Set,hubby, is in the shower,I lay out his Black/Leather-trimmed Suit,Black Socks,and Shoes,(he loves Shoes)and he doesn’t mind the COST.If he likes them…. He works hard for his/OUR lol..Money,Therefore,I never complaint.I lay out his new Watch,Pinky Ring,and Bracelet,(his Christmas gift from me)awww!!!all in Black-Gold. Our Son’s wants them,they ask him to leave them for each,they are silly..lol..Tenario,comments,on the Beauty,and the Delicious smell of the Candles,so many unique Flavors,such a delightful Scent,I Thank him,he is so Thoughtful!! I Appreciate him,and the Kindness he shows me always.He is my best-friend,I truly Love Him,I see a Gift Box,he bought in, I peek inside,Why it’s Lingerie..Black and Sexy!! The Best is Yet to come Later!!! (Is That TMI)???LOL…Well,we are Ready,We decide to take the Lincoln,It’s Black& chic,We lock up.turn on the Alarm,get in, using the Key-less Entry,We pause to Pray,for God’s Protection and Safety,See Ya!! Later……I’m so Excitied and I just can’t hide it…All Is Well…Happy Valentines Day to you and Yours,have a Great* Evening!!! We Will!!!lol..blm1957..Hearts of Love…Live,LOVE,Listen……..


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