I was looking at my Hands,this morning after Prayer,they are so DRY,ROUGH,and just SAD!!!!lol.Seriously,I’ve  always had beautiful,soft,supple,Hands,Therefore, when One see’s Age creeping up,you pause,reflecting,on your Youth,I was the One, to come to, for Make-up Advice,Hair-Styling,and Putting together an Outfit,(for Any occasion) A Stylist,in the making. Now years Later, I can  see the effects of aging!!However,I recently,ran  into several high-school classmates,over the Summer!and Boy,I wondered to myself! WHO ARE YOU*lol….Really…lol… No one, ever believes my true age,It is a Good Feeling,I will admit,So when I see my reflection staring back at me,I see the new lines, that were invisible (it seems ) just last week,Time,can bring about  changes in the Body and Mind,However, I’m reminded,that I’m Alive,Healthy,do not have to color my Natural Hair,(family &friends)find this hard to believe,but, NO! I don’t Color my HAIR..Praise God.Now, I have a FEW grey strands,but they are few and spaced nicely,awww!But, when I look at my Dry Winter Rough Hands, Feet,Face,(I fear from lack of sun,and moisture) it can become disappointing,So,I pull out my old stand-by(Pond’s Cold Cream) I realize you youngsters,can’t compute…..Pond’s Cold Cream is a Thick,Rich,Emollient,guaranteed,to soften,even the roughest,,Hands&Face..I  apply what seems like a Ton…..lol..I massage,and rub the cream deep in my pores,I repeat this for 20minitues..afterwards,I remove  my linen white  gloves,for my personal drawer of creams and lotions.Gently covering my hands,all evening,and perhaps all night,Yes, it’s that serious….It Works…(back to dry skin) I also, like to use AVEENO*Moistuizing Soap&Cream,Always,look for these Main Ingredients,  CERAMIDES) Ceramides-help skin hold water and Soothe dry skin!!It also provides,a Moisture Barrier. GLYCERIN) Glycerin-draws water to the skin and helps keep it there.Ceramides&Glycerin,are strongly recommended in your Dry Skin Regiment.If you have a Humidifer,you will be amazed,how having one in your Bedroom at night, Will keep Skin Hydrated, during the Winter Months.Also, Drink Plenty of Water!!! At least 7 -6 ounce bottles,Daily,(I Do) I Love Dasani*,Eat Omega-3,The fatty acids can help fortify the skins natural oil-retaining barriers,Some foods rich in Omega=3 include,cold-water fish(Salmon,Halibut,Sardines,(I love Sardines)Flax,and Walnuts….Lastly,for itching and inflammation,    apply a cool compress or a Hydrocortisone Cream,such as:Neosporin,Benazone, and/or Corazine,If these Creams do not provide relief,you must contact your Doctor ASAP…Other Suggestions:Dove,(I Love Dove Soap,the Smell)  Eucerin, Nivea,*(great) and of course Kiehl’s* (Oprah’s fav) A bit pricey,However, you get what you pay for….Friends, these are a few help-ful  Solutions,I hope will be beneficial to you and yours..So, get busy,applying Moisturizer,For,Spring is just around the Corner,and that Glow will return..The Mositure,WILL Visit you once again…Peace….Moisture Is The Key!!!!! Stay Inspired&Moisturized….blm1957…..hug your children,keep them close..Put that Lotion on them too…..lol….


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