As,a young girl,I can remember my Mom,always purchased her 6 Girls,there Personal*Comb&Brush,mine was Red.I kept them clean and fresh,I never liked sharing my comb&brush with anyone,not even my best friend Marlette,  Therefore,I feel this helped keep me free from Dandruff,and a dry itchy scalp.I have long fine hair,making it easy to manage,and style. My Aunt Lea,washed,and permed,our hair twice monthly,(boy,that had to be expensive)but,my great,loving Mom,paid graciously.Thus, I never experienced Dandruff.However,3 years ago,I noticed my scalp,was getting dry and very itchy,(I didn’t know what was happening) did it have anything to do with aging I wondered?I made an appointment with my Dermatologist,who,diagnosed,I had a form of Eczema,that causes dandruff and scalp Psoriasis.A dry flaky scalp can have a number of causes from winter weather,to harsh hair products.A little TLC,and the right regiments,can go a long way toward restoring Moisture back*into your scalp.The dryness and itch,can be a distraction,as well as a bomber….lol..Here,are some tips and advice that helped my problem………………..                          SHAMPOO THE RIGHT WAY-Especially,in Winter,when the air is dry,It also,helps to limit how often you shampoo.  Use a good Conditioner for dry scalp. TURN DOWN THE HEAT-Too much heat on the scalp can irritate and dry it out,making it even flakier,avoid over-using blow-dryers and curling irons,if you can try letting your hair dry naturally…(I do) MASSAGE YOUR SCALP-This increases blood flow to the scalp,it also help clear any blocked pores, and release the scalps natural oil.A scalp massage also loosens dead skin cells,making them easier to wash away…… If at home treatments don’t do the job,Visit a Dermatologist to see if there’s a medical reason behind your flakes….he/she can then prescribe a dandruff shampoo or an over-the-counter one,to banish that dry, flaky,scalp.The solution is a one-two punch of adding moisture and protecting your scalp and hair from heat and the sun..So,here’s to a Healthy,Glowing,Shiny,Head of Hair,Beautiful and Carefree with Movement Galore,with every turn or twist of your head..Remember, A wise man said:”A WOMEN’S HAIR IS HER GLORY”Amen&Amen…In closing,I must say Always PRAY* never Cease* Jesus,will never leave you nor forsake you.My God is an AWESOME GOD* He Lives..Amen&Amen..blm1957…Here’s to your Healthy Hair….Peace&Love……..


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