~~~Looks Like A Snowy-Weekend~~~

           Welcome Everyone,on this 8th.day of February,(Can you Believe It’s Already The 8th.) Eight days into what has become a Snowy Winter, Here in the Mid-West….We have received,25inches of Snow thus far,  whereas,last year, In this same time-period,we only had 22 inches, by March 2012. So, 25 inches by Feb.8,is record-breaking, The Weather Channel, and Local Weather Stations,are Warning of Blizzards,in the North-West,white-outs,fears of cold,blowing,heavy Snow…..Living in the Mid-West,   we get fresh Snow maybe,twice weekly,Therefore, when it comes down it appears,as light droplets of moisture,covering the ground,in a beautiful sheen of gliss,with white ,shiny results…Snow!!!!! Got to love it!!!For, it is indeed a glorious sight to behold… The Trees ,are Breath-Taking,Shimmering and Shining, in the bright morning Sun. lovely,as a Postcard,almost unreal,we have Snow Storms,that brings,Blizzards,   Rain and Grief,for, the electrical lines become encrusted with Ice,causing Power Outages,According,to the Weather Report, we can expect 2/3 inches of snow,as we go thru-out the day,  we can expect ,heavy drifts,they are asking that we move Cars,from the street….Oh Boy…My husband got off early from work, today,so we head, to our Local Hardware, for,  Supplies, Kroger’s,is right next door ,so I stock up on Water, Food,Perishable,and Non.Batteries,Shovel,and Supplies for the Car are purchased,from the Hardware,As we leave the Snow is just beginning to fall,Before we head for home,we stop, a moment to Pray,for our safety,we buckle up and pull off…….We’re home !!!!!The Ciruliar Drive,is only slightly covered, we park in the garage,I jump out opening the inside entry door,after turning off the alarm,I don’t feel like helping with our Bounty,lol..Therefore,I turn on the Coffeemaker and Oven,My Husband HAS*to have his coffee!! I enjoy a Cup also…he finish bringing in everything,and sits at the Counter,while turning to the Weather Channel,Yes,The Snow Is Coming,expect 2/3 inches in a matter of hours….(Say What)lol……Well, living in this region, we know what to expect,we are in for what sounds like a Long,Wet,Snowy, Weekend.I just pray the Power stays on!!! Let It Snow……blm1957,,hug your children,keep them close..After the Snow-fall,Dress them warmly,and make SNOW ANGELS*(my grands love to make them)and of course,the Snowman……God Bless You and Your Family.Stay Safe in this Snow Storm………..Peace…..LOOKS LIKE A SNOWY WEEK-END…….Let me get out the many Candles,(all shapes,and smells)umg!!! (I’m getting Snowed in with my Husband)oh yeah!!!lol….


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