Today,the Nation Witness,The 2nd.Inauguration,Of President BARACK H. OBAMA,The Inauguration,Was Beautiful,and Well-Planned..the First Lady,Was Gorgeous,As Usual, lol..The First-Daughter’s, are  becoming quite “The Young Ladies”    Cute,  Sweet,and Innocent..What a Lovely Family…Vice-President JOE Biden Jr.was Sworn in by A Woman of Color,Justice Sonia Sotomayor,So Graceful,in her Speech,I have always Admired, Vice-President Biden,He’s Handsome,and Very Cool..lol..He Appeared,Honest,Clear Mined,Very Sincere,and Humble.God Bless Him, His Wife Jill and their Family, Next, Came Voices from Heaven, to my Ears,(what about yours)!!!The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir,As, They Rendered,Songs,about our     America*,I Sat Mesmerized,by their level of Voice/Pitch, It seemed,their Voices     Blended like Fine Wine,( I took Glee-Club& Choir) in High-School,so, it brings Joy,to sing along with them, knowing every Word..I’m Proud of this…As they Sang,I was amazed at the choice of Dress,for, the Ladies were Adorned,in Beautiful,Bright Red,Jackets/Coats,   Trimmed with Black   Fur,Around the Collar and Wrist,What a look!! they were Camera Ready…lol.And let’s not Forget  the Gentlemen….How   Handsome were they,(Handsome) indeed..lol.Dressed in Black,Cashmere Over-Coats,Topped off with Fire-engine Red Scarfs,I loved it… The Song Glory,was the Best for me…Wow,they were Great….. Next Poet,Richard Blanco,Recited,such Beautiful Words of Hope and Promise…Lovely…I also,enjoyed,Pastor Luis,Message,Then Came Our Beloved* President Barack H.   Obama..He is Blessed with such an Articulate Voice,He Speaks So Well,His Tone and  Delivery,holds your Deep Attention,Commands it….He was Preaching,(I wonder if he know it)???I Truly Enjoyed His Speech!!!It was Sincere,Honest,Heart-felt,and Laced with Hope and   Promise…He’s So Handsome..I’m Proud, To Be An American….It made me So Proud of Him,May God Cover Him With His Protection,Give him Wisdom,to make the often Difficult Decision’s that await him,Lord,Give The President,Grace,and Favor, Lastly,Let him feel Your Presence*,Give him Peace of Mind Lord.How Awesome it was,for, as he Spoke,he could look out/over the Capitol, It was as if,History and Fate,Came Together,forPresident Obama,to look out and SEE*DR.KING* Looking Back At Him….Wow..What A Blessing..We’ve Come A LONG* Way America,yet,We still have a Long way to GO*..To God Be The Glory……And to make my Day,My (in my head)lol.Daugther-in-law,Beyonce~,Sang so wonderfully,what a Blessed Day..God Bless America…..And the Entire Obama*Family……blm 1957….hug your children,keep them close……Don’t Forget Newtown,Ct. Stay Inspired…. Happy Birthday to my Hubby,Tenario,I Love You..



  1. Queen says:

    what a wonderful message and I so enjoyed reading it……..I love the Obamas and they truly shined on yesterday and those adorable well behaved daughters of theirs stole the show as usual……..I pray for their courage and safety. I pray that he will be God led in his many decisions that he will make and not be persuaded by others but stand on Godly principlies…..I didnt agree with everything he said yesterday, but I still give him 2 thumbs up for a fantastic message. I love the way the President and his First Lady danced and only had eyes for each other….They are truly a inspiration to other couples and also to single ladies who dream to have a man look at them the way he looks at her……lol
    This article was well written and full of life………
    May God continue to give you a writers anoiting to keep these inspiring messages coming.

    Love, Queen

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