Hello,My Faithful Blog Followers,I Love You,for Checking in with my Site~To see what I’m Speaking on Today..Again I Truly Thank You,When I look at my “Stat’s” I’m filled with such Appreciation,Gratitude,and Thankfulness…….I hope If I make just One(1) Person,feel Peace,Want to GET*UP out the Sofa,Wash your Face,Look up to the Heavens,from which comes your Strength,For, your Strength Cometh,from the Lord…… Amen&Amen And Know You Can Make It, Know (YOU) have to do it for You,For, your Children,they Depend on Us.. Oh, Yes, You are Going* to Make it,keep Praising,keep Beliving,Trust,and Pray,and I (Know)God, will Turn it Around* for      You……BELIEVE,    TRUST,PRAY…Go Get your Blessing ,  It’s Your Time>>>>(Alright now)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today,after,Early morning Prayer,I was reminded of Pastor Joel’s Sermon,on Yesterday,”REMEMBER THE GOOD” I was again  Focused on the  Goodness,of my God,Because,it helped Me to remember Yesterday,THE PAST*,Have you ever noticed,if we regress,To the Hurts life can bring,we begin to feel Defeated,  However,When,We Remember,A Happy Time,Joyous Event,We Smile,even Hum A  Favorite Tune,When We Remember The Good,for, it takes A life=time of Stress from your Mind,and Body.But, those Awful Memories,will  Can make one Tired, Sad, Stressed,and just plain Unhappy… So, my Challenge,to you is what will you Choose???? To Remember The Good? or go Negative??? Yuk!!!! (No NegativityAllowed)  Would you  just close your Eyes, and go back,in time, or it could have happened Yesturday.. Remember a Happy Thought,or Something that  just made you Laugh, until your Tummy Hurt..lol….Maybe,your Child or Grandchild,said Something so very FUNNY* you laugh every time you are reminded of what they said…Life is what you make IT………I Choose To “REMEMBER THE GOOD’ Please???????Stay Inspired…..blm 1957….hug your children,keep them close…FOR THE GOOD TIMES………Peace…



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