Today,is”A DAY OF SERVICE” in Memory,of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.January 21,2013.Our Citizens,are asked to “Give A Day Of Service,by helping any Business,or Organization You Choose,  It is entirely,up to You and Your Family,Please Teach your Children,and Explain to them,the Reason for this Day.I feel this is how Compassion,and Respect are Learned……You can “VOLUNTEER”at a Local  Food/Soup Kitchen,Homeless-Shelter,Animal Shelter,One,can even Visit,a local Recruitment Office, To get Names and Address’s of Our Servicemen/Women, In  Harm’s Way,Imagine, A Hand-Written Letter,What Joy,it would bring to a Solider,who have not received any* Mail for Months,(This is a great Act* to Volunteer for)…. I know Dr. King would be so Proud of our Fellow-Americans… The First Family,Begun this “DAY OF SERVICE” In January,2009…. The Goal of The”Day Of Service” is to show that Service “is more than a One-Time Event,It is A Lifetime Commitment”……My Daughter and I,again,Visited,Hansen’s Shelter,in our Area,We have done this for 3 years now, so the Staff,KnowUs,And realize,they will have nice Items,and Much-Needed,Suppiles….We bought,Infant Clothes,Baby-Forumla, and 4 Coats,for Teens,and or Adults..It makes One feel so good,I  sleep so much Better..lol..So What are You and  Your’s, Planning on this Day Of Service?? Please do Something, you will  Love yourself for it,and feel so full-filled…..Please Enjoy,This Day*Of Service In Dr. King’s Memory….Btw: Happy Birthday,Dr. King…R.I.P.  Hug your children, keep them close…….BLM 1957…..Peace…….


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