Today is Sunday, the13th, of January,2013,It’s 6:45am.And  ‘GUESS WHAT I’M DOING’??????,Why I ‘m Taking down my Christmas Decorations,Awwwww!! Another Year/Christmas,has come and gone,(hard to believe) there is so much to dismantle…………Did I/We put up “ALL”these many Decorations?? I have 8 Candy-Canes)lg. 2 Pre-lite Outdoor Christmas Trees,3 Frosty the Snowman,(I love them)lol.2 Large Santa’s.(Bren love Santa this year)so we purchased a Large brightly colored Santa*,I love it myself….. The Red and Green.White,and Black,are Vivid* Like, the Crayola Crayons,of the early Sixties…You can’t find these Colors!! Today,I know Because,Grandma,buys lots of boxes,of Crayons…………lol……… After,Waking,this morning,Firstly,Thanking my Father,for waking me up on time,and not letting me sleep to Late,I Praise and Thank him for just another Day,that he has  kept me!!!! I laid out my Clothing last night,for Church Service,so I get a quick cup of Coffee,do some breathing exercises, jump into the Shower,Finish,apply Make-up,Dress,One more look in the mirror, one more Time, Good* lol….Great, My Hubby washed my Car,Nothing like a Clean Car….. I arrive at Church,Enter,and let the Spirit,of the lord Over-Take Me…After,a lively,inspiring Sermon,I personally greet several Worshiper,Stop by the  Book Shop,I wanted to purchase Pastor,Joel Osteen New Book, “Inspire Yourself”Stopped,for Words,with My Bishop and First-Lady…All Is Well…. Praise God.I  feel Renewed!! I came to Service this Morning Alone,I miss my Husband and Grandson’s,for, we always (try) to attend Service together each Sunday,but, you know what I’m enjoying the Quite…All Is Well…I go Straight Home,for, I know what awaits me…… Why,I have to take down (Christmas Decorations) as,I turn Into my Circular Drive,I see my Hubby and Son’s Taking down,and sorting Christmas Deco..they know how picky* I’m about my Decorations,So,I know everything,will be handled,with tender-loving care..I can’t STOP smiling,for, I just do not feel up to this Yearly Task… for some reason, (Sandy Hook Elem) ????? I’m still griving,Thanks Honey,and my Son’s…..They were outside,2 more hours,Meanwhile,I prepared,a favorite Dinner,for the Guys,(Meat-loaf/Mashed Potatoes.Green Beans,and,Corn On the Cob) also,Fudge/Brownies,with Ice Cream…Yummy,they wash up and dig in,I leave them,and go into my Office to update my Blog/Page,and check some Bills Online…All Is Well… Hours, later,the Boys come Upstairs,to give Mommy a good-bye kiss, and Thank me for a Great Dinner,I In turn,I Thank them for helping taking down the Christmas Decorations this Year,and putting everything in it’s Place….. Thank You Guys!!! All Is Well…..Hug your Children,Keep them Close,BLM 1957……’GUESS WHAT I’M DOING’??? Getting Ready for a New Day!!! Peace….Happy Birthday,Davion…Geese.loves You..


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