This New Year,has Me striving to remain at Peace!which,at times can be a difficult thing.I strive to be Postive,even, in the midst,of disappointment…Peace is an Awesome  Feeling!!! I have learned to remain Peaceful,even,when my inner-thoughts are in a Dark Place,I have to remind myself,to Calm down,Pray,and Breath.Peace,can lower your blood pressure,giving one a zest for life,a desire to go on,knowing you can make it ………I realize every day will not be “Peaches and Cream” However,I’m assured,that my God will never leave me nor forsake me, even,if I cannot Feel,his Presence,or so it seems,for,I* know He is always with me,always watching over his Children,as if we just passed thru our Mother’s Womb..unable,to fend for ourselves,relaying on our Mother for every need……….Today’s World is a very Stressful Place, the News,makes one,just want to tune out the T.V. Radio,and scream NO MORE* but,the reality is in spite of it all, we have to go on living….some say Peace comes from with-in,we make our OWN Peace??? What do you think???? Can/Do we make our own Peace??Will you do something for me Today? Can you look back over your life today,and see where you have come from,are you a better person?do you put others in need ahead of yourself?Are you kind to others?Do you Smile*even,when you feel like crying your eyes out….when you are feeling your lowest,Thank God,anyway,   began to Praise him,Thank God for Life,your Children health,Shelter,Food,all good  things…..and I can Guarantee,Peace will Come upon You,Pray your way to Victory and Peace…Peace is a state of Mind! Remain Postive,and those Dark thoughts,and hurts from the past will flee,like a thief in the night,I speak from experience,,Trust Me!!!!Please,do something for yourself,and one person you love,Peace and JOY* will follow you….Believe me,just do it!!!!! May Peace and Love follow you today and forever……….. blm 1957,hug your children,keep them close…I Send You Blessings of PEACE…….blm


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