Hello,My Blog Followers,How are you?On this 1st. Sunday of 2013…..If you Woke this

Morning, With a Sane Mind,you could See,Hear,Feel.Tatse,Walk,and Talk!!! You, are TOO* Blessed to be Stressed…If Your Spouse,Children,Grands,are all in Good Health,You have Food,A Roof over  

your Head.Let me tell you something,My Sisters&Brothers,I Hope you are Praising God for his Goodness,    Mercy,and Grace….Right Now!!Thanking him for Life..Thanking God for the Peace that Surpasses   All…..Please continue to Pray every Day,for your Loved-ones,your Community,Our Country,the Great U.S.A. What A “Blessing” to see another New Year,A Chance for

Change,for,Heaven is my Goal,I want to hear God say on that Glorious Day!! Well-Done,MyGood& Faithful Servant,Enter In…………………… Amen&Amen.. One of my Husbands Co-      Workers,Invited,us to his Church,this 1st,Sunday of the New Year,However,I really wanted to     attend my Own Church Service this Morning, But,his Friend has asked for several Sunday’s if  we would support him in the New Year,Therefore,I agreed,to go to this New Church Opening,and    Support my Hubby’s Friend,The Service was Lively,and the Parish very Friendly,and  Inviting..The Worship, was notLengthy.(maybe an hour) It was different! Sometimes,it is a good 

thing to attend other Houses of Worship,if only,to keep yourself Grounded,and on the right  track…Later,I attended Evening Service at Our Church Home,and I Felt “Right At Home” lol.. I’ll stay where I’m at…for,the

blessings,are truly flowing here..I Bless any Church,that is Teaching the “TRUE* Word of Christ…Amen&Amen..I just feel so good,as I go into the unknown,I Always Keep God First-place, Therefore,I No, I Can and Will make it,I Trust God…… Thank you Father,for this First Sunday, of   2013…Stay Close to me Father,Never Leave Me… My Hope and Trust is in You..Amen&Amen……….. All Is Well* BLM 1957,hug your children,keep them close…Please*Continue,to Pray for The City of Newtown,Ct. and the Parents,Sibilings,Grandparents,The Whole Community!! Do Something Nice for Someone Today,A Random Act Of Kindness…Be Blessed,Stay Inspired… Happy Birthday,Brigitte L. So Today Is your Day* I Love You    


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