“Happy “Blessed” New Year Everyone!!!!!!!! Wow!!! 2013……(TWO THOUSAND-THIRTEEN)  Therefore,I will share with you my “Prayer” for the NEW YEAR…..Father God,In the name of Jesus Christ,Your Name is Above all Names, You are the Beginning,and the End.You are the Ruler of this World, Father,I come before you as “HUMBLE” as I know how……  Lord,Help Me to keep you “FIRST-PLACE* in My Life!!!Knowing I Can Do Nothing*Without You.. The God Of The Impossible!For,Nothing Is Impossible,FOR YOU….Nothing..What A Mighty God We Serve,(my Mom always said these words) and We knew she truly meant it…Amen&Amen.Secondly, Dear Lord,Help Me to be all I Can Be,Afraid,of nothing,for, you do not give us a Spirit of Fear..Amen&Amen..Guide Me,Lord,that I would/will be loving,forgiving,caring,compassionate,and True to your Words of Repentance,That I will wake up in Heaven soon….I Thank you,for letting me and my Family Live!to see a New Year..Amen&Amen..For, Many were not so Fortunate to make again Year!!!!!!! Thank You Father….Teach me Patience,Let me always remain “Humble”……Also, My Bishop&Pastor Jackson,keep them Humble* Lord,Amen&Amen.I Love and Delight in the knowledge,that I’m Special* in your Eye-Sight,Thank you Father..All Good and Perfect Things Come From You*,You Are An “AWESOME”GOD……I Cannot Survive Without You,I Need your Presence,Every Minute,Every Hour I Need You!!! Father, It Is a “NEW YEAR, and as we go on with Life,I hold onto the Promise,of Grace,Mercy,and Favor*…Favor,What a Blessing!! I feel Very excited about 2013,this 3rd.day of the New Year.I give Thanks and I Praise You…Lord, I just Wanted to let you know these Things,for you are my Saviour…Amen&Amen..BLM 1957..2013,Live The Dream… God Is Good.. Hug your children,keep them close..Stay Inspired….All Is Well…….My Family “January” Birthday’s:Angel N. Jan.1st.My Youngest “Son,Brian,Jan.4th,My Only Daughter,Brigitte,Jan.6th.


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