Hello, My Fellow BLOG*READER’S,If You Read My Welcome Page,I informed You,(No Subject Is Off Limit) Therefore, Since, WINTER* is Upon Us, I Would like to Spend the Next 2 Weeks, On Health,The Mind&Body,and Skin.Are you suffering,with DRY SKIN*?Nearly,everyone I knew are Experiencing some form of Dry/Cracked Skin.Read My next Blog* On this Subject. Therefore, I will be Blogging,about Various Health Issues/ Remedies,   and Fashion Idea’s……I feel you will enjoy these New Blogs,on Improving One’s Self…….I Love bringing Thoughtful,   Informative,Insightful,Information to you.If I Can help with an Idea,you can’t quite figure out,please feel free, to leave a Reply,I will Answer you,  I Love My Blog Site,and all My Followers….. Read on, and find some Remenides…..LOL………..     Blm 1957……Stay Prayful, and Inspired,Knowing 2013,is the Year for your Turn-Around… Stay Beautiful in this Cold Season……….Love and Peace.Hug your children,keep them Close,and Mosturized..lol..BTW:Stay Inspired to keep your Skin*(SOFT&SUPPLE) You will  look Good, and feel Better………..Keep the Moisture In………………….. God’s Blessings…….And don’t FORGET to pick Up a Lip-Balm,Chap/Stick…..For your Luscious Lips……blm1957……………..I would also,like to wish my Baby Brother,LonzoC,of Reno,Nv.A Happy,Blessed Birthday!!!!January 26th.Love You….



      Today,the Nation Witness,The 2nd.Inauguration,Of President BARACK H. OBAMA,The Inauguration,Was Beautiful,and Well-Planned..the First Lady,Was Gorgeous,As Usual, lol..The First-Daughter’s, are  becoming quite “The Young Ladies”    Cute,  Sweet,and Innocent..What a Lovely Family…Vice-President JOE Biden Jr.was Sworn in by A Woman of Color,Justice Sonia Sotomayor,So Graceful,in her Speech,I have always Admired, Vice-President Biden,He’s Handsome,and Very Cool..lol..He Appeared,Honest,Clear Mined,Very Sincere,and Humble.God Bless Him, His Wife Jill and their Family, Next, Came Voices from Heaven, to my Ears,(what about yours)!!!The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir,As, They Rendered,Songs,about our     America*,I Sat Mesmerized,by their level of Voice/Pitch, It seemed,their Voices     Blended like Fine Wine,( I took Glee-Club& Choir) in High-School,so, it brings Joy,to sing along with them, knowing every Word..I’m Proud of this…As they Sang,I was amazed at the choice of Dress,for, the Ladies were Adorned,in Beautiful,Bright Red,Jackets/Coats,   Trimmed with Black   Fur,Around the Collar and Wrist,What a look!! they were Camera Ready…lol.And let’s not Forget  the Gentlemen….How   Handsome were they,(Handsome) indeed..lol.Dressed in Black,Cashmere Over-Coats,Topped off with Fire-engine Red Scarfs,I loved it… The Song Glory,was the Best for me…Wow,they were Great….. Next Poet,Richard Blanco,Recited,such Beautiful Words of Hope and Promise…Lovely…I also,enjoyed,Pastor Luis,Message,Then Came Our Beloved* President Barack H.   Obama..He is Blessed with such an Articulate Voice,He Speaks So Well,His Tone and  Delivery,holds your Deep Attention,Commands it….He was Preaching,(I wonder if he know it)???I Truly Enjoyed His Speech!!!It was Sincere,Honest,Heart-felt,and Laced with Hope and   Promise…He’s So Handsome..I’m Proud, To Be An American….It made me So Proud of Him,May God Cover Him With His Protection,Give him Wisdom,to make the often Difficult Decision’s that await him,Lord,Give The President,Grace,and Favor, Lastly,Let him feel Your Presence*,Give him Peace of Mind Lord.How Awesome it was,for, as he Spoke,he could look out/over the Capitol, It was as if,History and Fate,Came Together,forPresident Obama,to look out and SEE*DR.KING* Looking Back At Him….Wow..What A Blessing..We’ve Come A LONG* Way America,yet,We still have a Long way to GO*..To God Be The Glory……And to make my Day,My (in my head)lol.Daugther-in-law,Beyonce~,Sang so wonderfully,what a Blessed Day..God Bless America…..And the Entire Obama*Family……blm 1957….hug your children,keep them close……Don’t Forget Newtown,Ct. Stay Inspired…. Happy Birthday to my Hubby,Tenario,I Love You..


         Today,is”A DAY OF SERVICE” in Memory,of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.January 21,2013.Our Citizens,are asked to “Give A Day Of Service,by helping any Business,or Organization You Choose,  It is entirely,up to You and Your Family,Please Teach your Children,and Explain to them,the Reason for this Day.I feel this is how Compassion,and Respect are Learned……You can “VOLUNTEER”at a Local  Food/Soup Kitchen,Homeless-Shelter,Animal Shelter,One,can even Visit,a local Recruitment Office, To get Names and Address’s of Our Servicemen/Women, In  Harm’s Way,Imagine, A Hand-Written Letter,What Joy,it would bring to a Solider,who have not received any* Mail for Months,(This is a great Act* to Volunteer for)…. I know Dr. King would be so Proud of our Fellow-Americans… The First Family,Begun this “DAY OF SERVICE” In January,2009…. The Goal of The”Day Of Service” is to show that Service “is more than a One-Time Event,It is A Lifetime Commitment”……My Daughter and I,again,Visited,Hansen’s Shelter,in our Area,We have done this for 3 years now, so the Staff,KnowUs,And realize,they will have nice Items,and Much-Needed,Suppiles….We bought,Infant Clothes,Baby-Forumla, and 4 Coats,for Teens,and or Adults..It makes One feel so good,I  sleep so much Better..lol..So What are You and  Your’s, Planning on this Day Of Service?? Please do Something, you will  Love yourself for it,and feel so full-filled…..Please Enjoy,This Day*Of Service In Dr. King’s Memory….Btw: Happy Birthday,Dr. King…R.I.P.  Hug your children, keep them close…….BLM 1957…..Peace…….


             Hello,My Faithful Blog Followers,I Love You,for Checking in with my Site~To see what I’m Speaking on Today..Again I Truly Thank You,When I look at my “Stat’s” I’m filled with such Appreciation,Gratitude,and Thankfulness…….I hope If I make just One(1) Person,feel Peace,Want to GET*UP out the Sofa,Wash your Face,Look up to the Heavens,from which comes your Strength,For, your Strength Cometh,from the Lord…… Amen&Amen And Know You Can Make It, Know (YOU) have to do it for You,For, your Children,they Depend on Us.. Oh, Yes, You are Going* to Make it,keep Praising,keep Beliving,Trust,and Pray,and I (Know)God, will Turn it Around* for      You……BELIEVE,    TRUST,PRAY…Go Get your Blessing ,  It’s Your Time>>>>(Alright now)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today,after,Early morning Prayer,I was reminded of Pastor Joel’s Sermon,on Yesterday,”REMEMBER THE GOOD” I was again  Focused on the  Goodness,of my God,Because,it helped Me to remember Yesterday,THE PAST*,Have you ever noticed,if we regress,To the Hurts life can bring,we begin to feel Defeated,  However,When,We Remember,A Happy Time,Joyous Event,We Smile,even Hum A  Favorite Tune,When We Remember The Good,for, it takes A life=time of Stress from your Mind,and Body.But, those Awful Memories,will  Can make one Tired, Sad, Stressed,and just plain Unhappy… So, my Challenge,to you is what will you Choose???? To Remember The Good? or go Negative??? Yuk!!!! (No NegativityAllowed)  Would you  just close your Eyes, and go back,in time, or it could have happened Yesturday.. Remember a Happy Thought,or Something that  just made you Laugh, until your Tummy Hurt..lol….Maybe,your Child or Grandchild,said Something so very FUNNY* you laugh every time you are reminded of what they said…Life is what you make IT………I Choose To “REMEMBER THE GOOD’ Please???????Stay Inspired…..blm 1957….hug your children,keep them close…FOR THE GOOD TIMES………Peace…



              Today is Sunday, the13th, of January,2013,It’s 6:45am.And  ‘GUESS WHAT I’M DOING’??????,Why I ‘m Taking down my Christmas Decorations,Awwwww!! Another Year/Christmas,has come and gone,(hard to believe) there is so much to dismantle…………Did I/We put up “ALL”these many Decorations?? I have 8 Candy-Canes)lg. 2 Pre-lite Outdoor Christmas Trees,3 Frosty the Snowman,(I love them)lol.2 Large Santa’s.(Bren love Santa this year)so we purchased a Large brightly colored Santa*,I love it myself….. The Red and Green.White,and Black,are Vivid* Like, the Crayola Crayons,of the early Sixties…You can’t find these Colors!! Today,I know Because,Grandma,buys lots of boxes,of Crayons…………lol……… After,Waking,this morning,Firstly,Thanking my Father,for waking me up on time,and not letting me sleep to Late,I Praise and Thank him for just another Day,that he has  kept me!!!! I laid out my Clothing last night,for Church Service,so I get a quick cup of Coffee,do some breathing exercises, jump into the Shower,Finish,apply Make-up,Dress,One more look in the mirror, one more Time, Good* lol….Great, My Hubby washed my Car,Nothing like a Clean Car….. I arrive at Church,Enter,and let the Spirit,of the lord Over-Take Me…After,a lively,inspiring Sermon,I personally greet several Worshiper,Stop by the  Book Shop,I wanted to purchase Pastor,Joel Osteen New Book, “Inspire Yourself”Stopped,for Words,with My Bishop and First-Lady…All Is Well…. Praise God.I  feel Renewed!! I came to Service this Morning Alone,I miss my Husband and Grandson’s,for, we always (try) to attend Service together each Sunday,but, you know what I’m enjoying the Quite…All Is Well…I go Straight Home,for, I know what awaits me…… Why,I have to take down (Christmas Decorations) as,I turn Into my Circular Drive,I see my Hubby and Son’s Taking down,and sorting Christmas Deco..they know how picky* I’m about my Decorations,So,I know everything,will be handled,with tender-loving care..I can’t STOP smiling,for, I just do not feel up to this Yearly Task… for some reason, (Sandy Hook Elem) ????? I’m still griving,Thanks Honey,and my Son’s…..They were outside,2 more hours,Meanwhile,I prepared,a favorite Dinner,for the Guys,(Meat-loaf/Mashed Potatoes.Green Beans,and,Corn On the Cob) also,Fudge/Brownies,with Ice Cream…Yummy,they wash up and dig in,I leave them,and go into my Office to update my Blog/Page,and check some Bills Online…All Is Well… Hours, later,the Boys come Upstairs,to give Mommy a good-bye kiss, and Thank me for a Great Dinner,I In turn,I Thank them for helping taking down the Christmas Decorations this Year,and putting everything in it’s Place….. Thank You Guys!!! All Is Well…..Hug your Children,Keep them Close,BLM 1957……’GUESS WHAT I’M DOING’??? Getting Ready for a New Day!!! Peace….Happy Birthday,Davion…Geese.loves You..


         This New Year,has Me striving to remain at Peace!which,at times can be a difficult thing.I strive to be Postive,even, in the midst,of disappointment…Peace is an Awesome  Feeling!!! I have learned to remain Peaceful,even,when my inner-thoughts are in a Dark Place,I have to remind myself,to Calm down,Pray,and Breath.Peace,can lower your blood pressure,giving one a zest for life,a desire to go on,knowing you can make it ………I realize every day will not be “Peaches and Cream” However,I’m assured,that my God will never leave me nor forsake me, even,if I cannot Feel,his Presence,or so it seems,for,I* know He is always with me,always watching over his Children,as if we just passed thru our Mother’s Womb..unable,to fend for ourselves,relaying on our Mother for every need……….Today’s World is a very Stressful Place, the News,makes one,just want to tune out the T.V. Radio,and scream NO MORE* but,the reality is in spite of it all, we have to go on living….some say Peace comes from with-in,we make our OWN Peace??? What do you think???? Can/Do we make our own Peace??Will you do something for me Today? Can you look back over your life today,and see where you have come from,are you a better person?do you put others in need ahead of yourself?Are you kind to others?Do you Smile*even,when you feel like crying your eyes out….when you are feeling your lowest,Thank God,anyway,   began to Praise him,Thank God for Life,your Children health,Shelter,Food,all good  things…..and I can Guarantee,Peace will Come upon You,Pray your way to Victory and Peace…Peace is a state of Mind! Remain Postive,and those Dark thoughts,and hurts from the past will flee,like a thief in the night,I speak from experience,,Trust Me!!!!Please,do something for yourself,and one person you love,Peace and JOY* will follow you….Believe me,just do it!!!!! May Peace and Love follow you today and forever……….. blm 1957,hug your children,keep them close…I Send You Blessings of PEACE…….blm


               Hello,My Blog Followers,How are you?On this 1st. Sunday of 2013…..If you Woke this

Morning, With a Sane Mind,you could See,Hear,Feel.Tatse,Walk,and Talk!!! You, are TOO* Blessed to be Stressed…If Your Spouse,Children,Grands,are all in Good Health,You have Food,A Roof over  

your Head.Let me tell you something,My Sisters&Brothers,I Hope you are Praising God for his Goodness,    Mercy,and Grace….Right Now!!Thanking him for Life..Thanking God for the Peace that Surpasses   All…..Please continue to Pray every Day,for your Loved-ones,your Community,Our Country,the Great U.S.A. What A “Blessing” to see another New Year,A Chance for

Change,for,Heaven is my Goal,I want to hear God say on that Glorious Day!! Well-Done,MyGood& Faithful Servant,Enter In…………………… Amen&Amen.. One of my Husbands Co-      Workers,Invited,us to his Church,this 1st,Sunday of the New Year,However,I really wanted to     attend my Own Church Service this Morning, But,his Friend has asked for several Sunday’s if  we would support him in the New Year,Therefore,I agreed,to go to this New Church Opening,and    Support my Hubby’s Friend,The Service was Lively,and the Parish very Friendly,and  Inviting..The Worship, was notLengthy.(maybe an hour) It was different! Sometimes,it is a good 

thing to attend other Houses of Worship,if only,to keep yourself Grounded,and on the right  track…Later,I attended Evening Service at Our Church Home,and I Felt “Right At Home” lol.. I’ll stay where I’m at…for,the

blessings,are truly flowing here..I Bless any Church,that is Teaching the “TRUE* Word of Christ…Amen&Amen..I just feel so good,as I go into the unknown,I Always Keep God First-place, Therefore,I No, I Can and Will make it,I Trust God…… Thank you Father,for this First Sunday, of   2013…Stay Close to me Father,Never Leave Me… My Hope and Trust is in You..Amen&Amen……….. All Is Well* BLM 1957,hug your children,keep them close…Please*Continue,to Pray for The City of Newtown,Ct. and the Parents,Sibilings,Grandparents,The Whole Community!! Do Something Nice for Someone Today,A Random Act Of Kindness…Be Blessed,Stay Inspired… Happy Birthday,Brigitte L. So Today Is your Day* I Love You