Hello, All My Blog Follower’s,I would like to wish you and your “Family” A very “MERRY CHRISTMAS, And The Best and most Prosperous New Year Ever!!!!! My Home is Beautifully Decorated Red and White, Reigns Supreme… I,so love these 2 color’s for Christmas… BTW: Happy Birthday Father” for you are indeed the reason for the SEASON.Amen&Amen,I, guess,you can gather,I have not totally recovered,from Sandy Hook…. My Joy,is Somewhat,touched still by disbelief,So forgive if I’m not up to a lot of Description, on this Blessed Day!!! All Is Well…Amen&Amen…blm1957…..Merry Christmas……. If you are Blessed to have your Children,Alive*& Healthy,You/We are indeed Blessed..  Parents, PLEASE* HUG YOUR CHILDREN,KEEP THEM CLOSE TO YOU………please..PEACE!!!!!!!


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