<<<>>> SADNESS!!!!!!

           I’m certain,these Babies,had written Letters,to Santa,trying to be extra*Good!! excited about the day December 25th,Christmas*(A Day For Children)waiting for New Gifts!!New Bikes,New Clothes,Excitement,for Family Coming from out-of-town to visit for this Blessed Day!!! (help me Lord)Knowing the Grandparents,will get the gifts,they asked for!!! SO SAD!!!20 precious childrenKILLED,6adults….We really live in a Violent Society don’t we??? I have 4 Grandson’s,two 5 yr.old,1 10yr.old 1 11 yr.old..So you see,this affects me greatly,what will happen to the Children who Survived??????????????????? I’m going to pick them up today,just to see that they are okay!!!! My Security is Shattered,Can anyone explain to me,(WHO KILLS ELEMENTARY CHILDREN)  I will not/will not Type his NAME!!! he is Evil,and I will not glorify him by even typing his name..Burn in Hell,you Coward!!! (help me Lord) I’m So SORRY PARENTS,and Brother’s and Sister’s who have to live without these little-ones….Lord,I ask you to Cover these Parents,give them the strength they will need,Comfort them as ONLY* you can,Lord, they Need you ,I thank you for,getting them through this life-altering experience!!!  Wow… Lord have Mercy on Us!! Let the Families feel you Lord,They need you Father,they will need you now and in the Future!! This is   beyond Sad…My Prayers remain with you Family…If you are a regularFollower, you know I Always End my Blog with  these Words..HUG YOUR CHILDREN,KEEP THEM CLOSE..I always end with these words.. So, today more,than any Day, Parents,Please.Hug your children,keep them close….blm 1957..Heaven Help Us All…….This happened today at SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY,in Newtown,Ct. I was so very upset I earsed the beginning of my blog,I’m sorry,this is/was not the original beginning……..


2 thoughts on “<<<>>> SADNESS!!!!!!

  1. Queenn says:

    Betty, I feel your pain when I read this……….Your prayer was beautiful and yes, I hope that he went straight to Hell………To burn forever and ever and ever……
    Your blogs are always enjoyable to read…..Keep up the good work……Actually, you should write a book, about life and stuff……….You have great writing skills…

    Love, your sister, Queenn

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