Guess What? It’s almost Christmas!!!! 19 days and Counting….I’m  getting so excited!! I love This Day!! Christmas,It’s just in my blood,I get in the mood Nov.29th…. hint,hint…As, we go into the Attic,and Basement,We have 3 rooms,of Decoration for Christmas,Huge Boxes,Small,Medium,Large,   I have 3 Artificial Trees,2 Large Lit Santa’s,8 Large Candy Canes,4 sm.med.lg Snowmen!!I love my Snowmen..lol..I’m so ready for Christmas!!! Are You?????I have 53 strings of Light Clear and Multi, I get so happy,as I unravel the tape and open the Boxes…It’s Beginning To Look A lot like Christmas,  Every where you go, as, I continue,pulling and opening Boxes,Plastic Gallon tubs,20to30 pds, I relish in the thought, of what will be A Glorious,Beautiful,Fortress of Lights and Pure Grandeur.

As,I reopen closed and sealed boxes,It always amaze me,the amount of Christmas Decor,I have  accumulated over the years,and yes,I know if anything is missing..trust me,I KNOW* lol.I examine and peek, peek and examine!!!! It’s what I wait for.. This Year we are putting up a LIVE Tree  in the Family  Room, this year I wanted to rekindle,that Childhood Memory,of the smell of Pine/Pine-Cones,One can never forget that odor,it brings such warm,heart-felt,childish memories,forcing,One back in Time, to  a better,simpler time,but, it’s 2012,not 1964!!!lol..snap out of it Boop!!!lol..We bring up most important boxes first,like all fragile,glass items.As,I carefully unwrap my Darling  Heist,I’m again remined of my Mom,I wipe away tears of yesturday, and focus on Today,my Blessings,My Children,Grands,and once again I Count my Blessings to see another Christmas,It’s  such a Thrill to live in this World,where Freedom Rings,Although,We are not perfect,we are better off than Most…….. “ARE YOU GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS” My Family is,we are getting the Grandkids,to go pick out a Live Tree!! It is always a Treat!!!Life is Good!! God Is Good,All Is Well* as I get in the Spirit of Decorating for this most Blessed Hoilday..I’m Happy..Amem&Amen..blm1957


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