Hey Family, What’s Up?? As,for me I’m so Inspired!!!! For, today is my Very Special Day!! Yes Sir,November 29,The Blessed Day of my Birth.I came into the world on Thursday morning November 29th at 3:45am,My Parents,   said I was a Beautiful Brown,Baby Girl,with a Lovely head of Curly Black Hair, Awww! isn’t that Special… My Mom is such a Loving Mom&Parent Therefore, I know I was loved,from day 1…lol.As, I reported earlier,My Mom,always made our {Birthday) a special time for all of my Siblings,her Phrase,(SO TODAY’s YOUR DAY) is a Staple in our Family,I was sooo,thrilled and surprised,when my 4-year-old Grandson Brennan,called me and when I answered Hello?I heard a small voice reply,(SO TODAY IS YOUR DAY) ,Haaaaa…. Boy, that made my Day!! Later, I thought my Mom,is up in Heaven (Smiling) knowing We are keeping  her Tradition Alive,It Made My Day,knowing as he grows,and one day become a Dad,He&His Wife can pass the Tradition,of making Family Birthday’s Special,remaining,Us all Day,It’s Your Day!!!! (So Today Is Your Day??) Means so Much to me and my  Love-Ones..

I must let you know as each of my Children,Sisters,and 2 Brother’s,Niece’s 3 Nephews,All Called me,to Wish me A Blessed Birthday,as they Prayed,that God would keep me in his Favor,and under his Protection,Can You Guess what Each of them asked,after,I answered, Hello? you guessed it,I said Hi,Each Person on their call replied,(SO   TODAY IS YOUR DAY)Wow..I Love It….My husband is taking me out to Dinner!!! We are Dressing up of course,My Children gave me Cash, I got Clothes,A Pair of Black Boots,that I wanted*Desperately….My Sisters,all sent CASH* YEA!!!!lol… Isn’t Life Great??? I’m So Blessed..So Are You..Always, Celebrate your Special Day,Your Birthday… Well, I’m getting Ready,for a Lovely Evening!!!! November 29th,My Special Day,Also, My Great-Niece GeLeah,was also born on this Date,We always exchange Gifts,I Love “Betty Boop” so I Always get Something*      Betty Boop, from her and her Mom… Happy Birthday To Me….God Bless and Keep You….Blm 1957…hug your children,keep them close…… IT’S MY DAY,ALL*DAY,GeLeah’s Also……Peace….


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