Welcome back,on this beautiful THANKSGIVING DAY, Evening now, After Sitting and Talking about our Lovely, Thanksgiving Dinner, My Husband,quietly reminded me, that with ALL THE FOOD,Prepared with love and joy I failed to properly mention,every dish that was served!!! Therefore, I would like to Share with my Followers,all the delicious Food, my Sisters, Daughter,and Myself Prepared………..I have never seen So Much Food,for one Dinner. The Variety,and bountifulness,was sheer Grander…..

        We served,Turkey,Honey-Baked Ham,Lamb,Mashed Potatoes,Gravy,Collard Greens,Crispy Mac&Cheese,Apple- Cranberry Casserole,Corn Bread Stuffing(Dressing)Muffins, Corn Bread,Bread Sticks,Challah Bread,Pies-Pumpkin- pie,Southern Pecan Pie,Sweet Potato Pie,Cakes-German Chocolate Cake,Fruit Cocktail Cake,Sour Cream Cake,and   Carrot-Cranberry Cake,of course,we had Cocoanut Cake,(my Fav) Drinks-Pepsi,Coke,7up,Lemonade,Pumpkin-Spice Punch,and Cherry Smoothies,for the Children..Salads- Potato Salad,Pasta Salad(loaded),Egg Roll Salad,Coffee,and Tea…… Let me just say,This HAD* to be the best Thanksgiving Dinner A Family Ever* had,I love LEFT-OVER’S,can’t Wait for that 2nd.Day old Turkey Sandwich..The Best Tasting Food Ever Served…..lol.. hug your children,keep them close!!!!blm1957..Peace..


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