Hello Everyone, ARE YOU FIRED UP??????? lol. to quote our President, My Family sure is….This is a great day,Tuesday the 6th.Day of November,2012…I’am so very Proud and Humbled,to be an American,The most Powerful, Freedom based,Country in the World. God Bless America!!!!!!!!! We arose happily,this Morning,knowing that this is one of the most Important days in our lives……..Voting for the President of our choice,Free to Vote,Free to Choose our Choice to Govern our U.S.OF A.The best country One could hope to live…… I feel blessed….. My Husband and I were at the Polls,at 8:00am. The lines were long,it took 2 hours,Yes 2!! but, I could never Complaint, when I think of my Fellow American’s who’s lives were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy,(it truly sadden’s me to tears) to see this happen,I pray for you my Brother’s and Sister’s, for, although, we did not know one another,we are Americans,therefore,we are Family,No matter what Creed…God bless you in the Days to come, we are Americans,we Come* back! we rebuild,we keep the Faith,even tho, we shed Tears of despair,we will survive!!!! You will come back… I can’t wait to hear later,that my President is Yet still and indeed the President….Amen&Amen.. All 3 of my Children and their Spouses,cast their Ballots. “All Is Well” So glad we Voted Today!!! We had too, we met nice, friendly people in line…People are basically Good,just trying to make it….. What A Proud Day For America……. ……    God Bless And Keep Us….. blm 1957..Vote,Vote,Vote….Get Fired Up!!!! hug your children,keep them close……… Get Out And Vote before 7.hopefully,you voted EARLY>>>>>>>Peace…… Happy Nov.6 Birthday,Rendall&Odell,Hugh JR> Latrice….Hugh Jr.(My Nephew)


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