Hey Family, What’s Up?? As,for me I’m so Inspired!!!! For, today is my Very Special Day!! Yes Sir,November 29,The Blessed Day of my Birth.I came into the world on Thursday morning November 29th at 3:45am,My Parents,   said I was a Beautiful Brown,Baby Girl,with a Lovely head of Curly Black Hair, Awww! isn’t that Special… My Mom is such a Loving Mom&Parent Therefore, I know I was loved,from day 1…lol.As, I reported earlier,My Mom,always made our {Birthday) a special time for all of my Siblings,her Phrase,(SO TODAY’s YOUR DAY) is a Staple in our Family,I was sooo,thrilled and surprised,when my 4-year-old Grandson Brennan,called me and when I answered Hello?I heard a small voice reply,(SO TODAY IS YOUR DAY) ,Haaaaa…. Boy, that made my Day!! Later, I thought my Mom,is up in Heaven (Smiling) knowing We are keeping  her Tradition Alive,It Made My Day,knowing as he grows,and one day become a Dad,He&His Wife can pass the Tradition,of making Family Birthday’s Special,remaining,Us all Day,It’s Your Day!!!! (So Today Is Your Day??) Means so Much to me and my  Love-Ones..

I must let you know as each of my Children,Sisters,and 2 Brother’s,Niece’s 3 Nephews,All Called me,to Wish me A Blessed Birthday,as they Prayed,that God would keep me in his Favor,and under his Protection,Can You Guess what Each of them asked,after,I answered, Hello? you guessed it,I said Hi,Each Person on their call replied,(SO   TODAY IS YOUR DAY)Wow..I Love It….My husband is taking me out to Dinner!!! We are Dressing up of course,My Children gave me Cash, I got Clothes,A Pair of Black Boots,that I wanted*Desperately….My Sisters,all sent CASH* YEA!!!!lol… Isn’t Life Great??? I’m So Blessed..So Are You..Always, Celebrate your Special Day,Your Birthday… Well, I’m getting Ready,for a Lovely Evening!!!! November 29th,My Special Day,Also, My Great-Niece GeLeah,was also born on this Date,We always exchange Gifts,I Love “Betty Boop” so I Always get Something*      Betty Boop, from her and her Mom… Happy Birthday To Me….God Bless and Keep You….Blm 1957…hug your children,keep them close…… IT’S MY DAY,ALL*DAY,GeLeah’s Also……Peace….



          Welcome back,on this beautiful THANKSGIVING DAY, Evening now, After Sitting and Talking about our Lovely, Thanksgiving Dinner, My Husband,quietly reminded me, that with ALL THE FOOD,Prepared with love and joy I failed to properly mention,every dish that was served!!! Therefore, I would like to Share with my Followers,all the delicious Food, my Sisters, Daughter,and Myself Prepared………..I have never seen So Much Food,for one Dinner. The Variety,and bountifulness,was sheer Grander…..

        We served,Turkey,Honey-Baked Ham,Lamb,Mashed Potatoes,Gravy,Collard Greens,Crispy Mac&Cheese,Apple- Cranberry Casserole,Corn Bread Stuffing(Dressing)Muffins, Corn Bread,Bread Sticks,Challah Bread,Pies-Pumpkin- pie,Southern Pecan Pie,Sweet Potato Pie,Cakes-German Chocolate Cake,Fruit Cocktail Cake,Sour Cream Cake,and   Carrot-Cranberry Cake,of course,we had Cocoanut Cake,(my Fav) Drinks-Pepsi,Coke,7up,Lemonade,Pumpkin-Spice Punch,and Cherry Smoothies,for the Children..Salads- Potato Salad,Pasta Salad(loaded),Egg Roll Salad,Coffee,and Tea…… Let me just say,This HAD* to be the best Thanksgiving Dinner A Family Ever* had,I love LEFT-OVER’S,can’t Wait for that 2nd.Day old Turkey Sandwich..The Best Tasting Food Ever Served…..lol.. hug your children,keep them close!!!!blm1957..Peace..


               Happy Thanksgiving Day! to each and every one of you on this Blessed Day!Thursday Nov.22,      2012.what a blessing to be here alive,healthy,and in control.What a Joy,God is good,he has kept my   Family,and myself,in PERFECT HEALTH,this is my greatest blessing,our Health.Thank you Father..   what are you and your Family planning for today? What special Meals,have you and your’s prepared? I have every thing under control!!! Dinner,will again be at our Family Home,My Table looks Fabulous,all shades of Orange,Rust,Yellows,some Beige,and deep Browns, can be found everywhere!! it’s a circle of Fall Colors,and beautiful,Thanksgiving Decor..We have a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner,Turkey,     Ham,Green Bean Salad,Sweet Potatoes,Chocolate Cake,Old Ginger Cake,Sweet Potato Pies, Custard,    Ice Cream,Anything One could want,can be found on the Table today,I have 5 Sisters,Each sister,is responsible,for bringing,their famous Dishes,ummmmg!Yummy!!!lol…   

              Dinner,will be served at 4:00pm.I insist on promptness,it’s 3:30,so I check for last-minute,     error’s,everything looks great…The door bell chimes,my husband appears,Man,he is looking good,in brown dress pants,beige turtle neck,and his brown loafers,we share a little kiss,as,he goes to answer the door,why, it’s half the Family,(they know I mean 4:00pm)lol.It”s my Sister Ann,her son and grands,Sister San,and her husband and 2 grandchildren,my 3 children and their spouses,   and of course,my 3 Grandchildren,Bren, thinks,he is my “ONLY” Grandchild…lol.he instructs,every child,on sitting arrangements,lol.The bell chime again,It’s a Cousin I have not seen in several years, so glad to see her, well, it’s 4:15,there must be 25 Adults,and 15 Children present,What a Blessing,   Ann,is the Oldest,as,everyone is seated,she ask that everyone join hands in Grace and Thanks,for   this Wonderful day..In our Family,everyone must say what they are Thankful for,this year..I so enjoy,listening to each Praise of Thankfulness,what a Blessing!!! I hear comments,on the Table,the  Delicious smell of  different Foods,fills our home,if you were not hungry,you will be!!!!lol. You can   trust this… after Grace,Everyone dig in,food is past,bread and rolls are broken,and eaten,the older Guys,sit together,the women,share gossip,and life,health,and Children,Boy, the Food taste great.. as the Candles slowly burn down,the lighting is dim,I think everyone is getting FULL*lol..The Guys,head for the Family Room,to Watch Football…some of the younger girls watch also,this is an All evening thing!!! Thanksgiving and Football!!!!What Could Be Better….. Life is good… Family!! that’s  what it’s ALL* about. Family First!!Well,it is now 10:00pm.everyone,is Full,or tired,some prepare  food to take with them,others help clean up the Dinning  Room and Kitchen,thanks Family  for a Lovely evening,we had such a great TIME* As I close,I’m so Graceful,and Happy for the Great day,the fun games, the talk,the friendship,the LOVE… On this Thanksgiving Day My hope is that you and your Family are as Blessed,as we are,may you continue to Walk in God’s Favor,just be Thankful for what you have….Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!! hug your children,keep them close,blm 1957………   I’m so Thankful Today and Everyday……..Peace….


         Hey America, How are you???? Are you feeling great like myself and my family!!!!!! I sure hope so,for, our Votes have been counted,and once again our President Obama,WON!!!!! Yea Team Obama… It was indeed a wonderful evening, .I’m still reeling,It seems I will never wake from this glorious  moment in history….However, I’m totally awake, with happy,heart-felt Joy,at times it seems to overwhelm me…but, as I ponder and digest this momentous,day in history,I’m again mindful of the fact,just how Proud I’m to be an American…Living with the rights,America affords its citizens, is TRULY AWESOME!! I hope this joyous Fresh Breath of Air, never leave the great USA. We are truly blessed,to live in America,Home of the Brave,and Free!!!!!!!   Go Team Obama,God bless you, the First Lady,and the First Daughters….. blm 1957…hug your children,keep them close….. God Bless America. I’M FEELING GREAT************** Only In America………..Peace..


Hello Everyone, ARE YOU FIRED UP??????? lol. to quote our President, My Family sure is….This is a great day,Tuesday the 6th.Day of November,2012…I’am so very Proud and Humbled,to be an American,The most Powerful, Freedom based,Country in the World. God Bless America!!!!!!!!! We arose happily,this Morning,knowing that this is one of the most Important days in our lives……..Voting for the President of our choice,Free to Vote,Free to Choose our Choice to Govern our U.S.OF A.The best country One could hope to live…… I feel blessed….. My Husband and I were at the Polls,at 8:00am. The lines were long,it took 2 hours,Yes 2!! but, I could never Complaint, when I think of my Fellow American’s who’s lives were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy,(it truly sadden’s me to tears) to see this happen,I pray for you my Brother’s and Sister’s, for, although, we did not know one another,we are Americans,therefore,we are Family,No matter what Creed…God bless you in the Days to come, we are Americans,we Come* back! we rebuild,we keep the Faith,even tho, we shed Tears of despair,we will survive!!!! You will come back… I can’t wait to hear later,that my President is Yet still and indeed the President….Amen&Amen.. All 3 of my Children and their Spouses,cast their Ballots. “All Is Well” So glad we Voted Today!!! We had too, we met nice, friendly people in line…People are basically Good,just trying to make it….. What A Proud Day For America……. ……    God Bless And Keep Us….. blm 1957..Vote,Vote,Vote….Get Fired Up!!!! hug your children,keep them close……… Get Out And Vote before 7.hopefully,you voted EARLY>>>>>>>Peace…… Happy Nov.6 Birthday,Rendall&Odell,Hugh JR> Latrice….Hugh Jr.(My Nephew)