Hello, my loyal Blog Readers,how are my many friends and followers doing?Just GREAT* I truly  hope and pray.Yesturday,I heard a new song on the Inspirational*station,it brought me to Tears,  the  words were so heart-felt,the songstress boldly song”Lord,I Love You,and I Cannot Survive*** without you!!!!!!Think about those words for a moment, {Lord,I LOVE YOU, AND I NEED YOU…AND I CANNOT SURVIVE*WITHOUT YOU} Every time I prepare to leave my home in my Car,I always stop before walking out the door,I pause,asking god for his Hedge of Protection,for his mercy and grace,for the blood of Jesus surrounds me and my Family,keeping us from Life’s unforseen,Accidents,Car-Jacking,Robbery,or Injuries,and suddenly, as I turned the engine,this beautiful song of praise,was feeling my car,I stopped,before backing out,for, I was over-come with joy! the words were so pleasant,so uplifting,and inspiring.as he song,I felt chill-bumps,the {Knowing} knowing that without God’s Grace,anything can happen,Sickness, Accidents,Fires, Death,Grief,loss of Income.ETC.ETC. but,as I began to get deeper and felt STRONGER,in the knowledge that God is always their to protect and prevent any* harm from be falling myself and my love-ones,I song alone,as if I had heard the song several times,I Song.Lord,I Love you,I praise you and Lord I CANNOT SURVIVE* without you.Would you just think on these words and thoughts for a moment,If God turned from you,how would you make it? when death,hurt,disappointments, accidents,loss of work,when it seems all is failing,If you could not Call on God for his Mercy and Grace.{What WOULD YOU DO}???? What indeed/without God in my life,I could not make it another day nor moment…I need you Lord,always for, I Cannot Survive Without You…..I Love you,and I Praise you,never leave me for,I would surely Fail,because I cannot survive without you,each time I return home from a long drive,or just a short trip, to the neighborhood store,I’m thankful for your   Protection,your Guidance, Thank you Father… Hug your children,keep them close…blm 1957…        Happy Birthday My Twin Brothers {Jack &Jay} R>I>P Miss you,love you,also,Charles B. Oct.13th.


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