OCTOBER,It’s October!!!Wow!! I’m going to get ready early,and start putting things in Lay-away.I just bought School Clothes,for the Grands… now, I want them to have a great Christmas! So,I must start the process sooner,than later..I cannot wait for the “Holiday’s,if you are a Regular Reader,  and I hope you are! Thank you.. I try to offer good,solid advice,if there is any subject you want to discuss,or you have any Tips or helpful Advise.Please feel free to leave a reply,with your tip,advice,or question,and I promise to respond.I value you as a reader to my Blog Spot,it feels me with delight,  when I read/check my Stats.what a great joy, to know I now have Followers,in and out of the Great U.S.A. that’s what make me happier,than you can ever imagine!!It’s! Time People to get moving,get Shopping early and dress for the occasion. Always Pray,keep God First Place Always,and everything will be Fine….God is in Control,he sees all, knows all…My Grandson has already began looking thru our Christmas Catalogs,he gets so very excited,He brings me Such Joy!! and that’s what it’s all about.. God bless the Children… hug your children,keep them close…blm 1957…Peace…Joy…Happiness…


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