Can you believe it? Summer is dwindling away!!!!! -SIGH- Yes,it’s hard to grasp,however,just look around your yard,pool,and/or how does the weather feel? if you are like us here in the mid-west,it’s getting COLD!!!!!! Folks,sorry to tell you this but, Summer is gone!!!!!!!!!!! I began putting away all my White-Clothing,all summer clothes,where does the time go??? Did you get to do everything you wanted this Summer? I hope so……As, I look around,the leaves are falling from the trees,the temperature has dropped,I now put my blanket on the bed at night!!awww…lol…..my once beautiful flowers now droop,and look totally defeated,the frost wins every time,My Husband,has begun the task of draining the outdoor Pool and covering it,Wow,another year has passed… did you meet your goals,or finished a project you started? I hope so..Did you do something nice for someone?A random act of kindness? are you prepared for this upcoming Winter??? burr..lol.another cold winter,however,I’m mindful,of my many Blessings,and zest for life,God is Good,and always make a way out of  what sometimes look impossible..Thank you Father! As, I prepare to clean my Flower Gardens,it makes me a little sad,to see summer go,time flies when you’re having fun….lol, My heart hurts,for the Homeless,those without Heat,for the approaching Winter,Lord, help those in need,those less fortunate..As I “PUT AWAY MY SUMMER ITEMS” I think of all the joy,and fun,my family enjoyed this summer,we got to travel,visit,had visitors from out-of-town,it was a lovely time indeed… My favorite time of the year will be here soon,(Christmas) Yes!!! so, I once again feel a sense of Joy and Happiness!! All Is Well.. enjoy your life,do positive things,be a blessing to others,be kind,remain faithful,Praise God,be Thankful!!!!  hug your children,keep them close…. blm 1957…. All Is Well…….Get Ready,the Snow is on the way……….


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