Can you believe it? Summer is dwindling away!!!!! -SIGH- Yes,it’s hard to grasp,however,just look around your yard,pool,and/or how does the weather feel? if you are like us here in the mid-west,it’s getting COLD!!!!!! Folks,sorry to tell you this but, Summer is gone!!!!!!!!!!! I began putting away all my White-Clothing,all summer clothes,where does the time go??? Did you get to do everything you wanted this Summer? I hope so……As, I look around,the leaves are falling from the trees,the temperature has dropped,I now put my blanket on the bed at night!!awww…lol…..my once beautiful flowers now droop,and look totally defeated,the frost wins every time,My Husband,has begun the task of draining the outdoor Pool and covering it,Wow,another year has passed… did you meet your goals,or finished a project you started? I hope so..Did you do something nice for someone?A random act of kindness? are you prepared for this upcoming Winter??? burr..lol.another cold winter,however,I’m mindful,of my many Blessings,and zest for life,God is Good,and always make a way out of  what sometimes look impossible..Thank you Father! As, I prepare to clean my Flower Gardens,it makes me a little sad,to see summer go,time flies when you’re having fun….lol, My heart hurts,for the Homeless,those without Heat,for the approaching Winter,Lord, help those in need,those less fortunate..As I “PUT AWAY MY SUMMER ITEMS” I think of all the joy,and fun,my family enjoyed this summer,we got to travel,visit,had visitors from out-of-town,it was a lovely time indeed… My favorite time of the year will be here soon,(Christmas) Yes!!! so, I once again feel a sense of Joy and Happiness!! All Is Well.. enjoy your life,do positive things,be a blessing to others,be kind,remain faithful,Praise God,be Thankful!!!!  hug your children,keep them close…. blm 1957…. All Is Well…….Get Ready,the Snow is on the way……….



Seven days ago,,as I turned my Calender,I realized it’s September!!! September time for  a new year of School!! wasn’t the last day of school just 2 weeks ago? I remember clearly,June 8th,the last day of School,I watched the Senior Class,as they played like little children,at the play ground,running, pulling,shouting,as if,all their playing would cease if they didn’t enjoy this bright,sunny,beautiful day.One would think watching these young adults,as they fearlessly,approach a new beginning,unknowingly,thinking they are Grown!! Yes,I’m on my Own now.my parents can’t tell me anything,For, I know it ALL….Yes we are the Class of 2012,and We Know It All….lol….Boy, is someone in for a rude awakening!!!!!!!  As I watched,pulling back my drapes,to get a better view,for, it took me back to my Senior Year,I won’t say how many years…..lol… Remember,Senior Skip Day? When you have the privilege of becoming a Senior in high school,you are top dog,you look down on the lower-classmates,thinking and yes knowing you are smarter and brighter than these kiddies…  All,I can say as I close my drapes,for, my grandson is calling me,he wants to get back in the pool..he loves swimming,you have to bribe that kid to get out,dry off and change into dry clothes,I    enjoy him,so, I go thru the {tearless} tears.lol… His dad did the very same thing!!! All of a sudden we hear car horns blowing,tires burning rubber,the smell is nauseous,the loud sudden sounds frightens my 4 yr.old these young adults are Wild,as I watch  them  climb on the back of the moving cars unaware of the dangers of falling,slipping,or god-forbid landing under a tire…I get my grandson calm assuring him,it’s all right,the big kids,are just having fun on their special day,as I feel his body become calm and I know he once again feels safe with grandma aka geese…we go inside,to the  cool ,quiet,calm and peace…. As they squeal off,I stop to Pray for them and their safety,that God will keep them in his arms,and that a hedge of protection covers them…Amen… Yes, it seems like yesterday that I watched as the School  Year ended,,and today it’s September, the children are all ages,excitement,fear,and joy,feels the air,Parents are out on the street,with their youngsters,holding them close,you can recognize the new ones,some do not want to let go as they hold-tight,some cry,some appear brave,bless them all!!!!! guess what? my little grandson,whom,it seems was just born,well, guess who will be starting school next YEAR???????? Hey,Im not ready for this….lol..pray for me……..”WHERE DOES THE TIME GO”??????? after your children reach their 1st, birthday,it goes so fast,before you know it,they are in the Street,having water/fights,running,shouting, hopping in & out of cars! and so on and so on…….they GROW UP SO FAST,so fast… please,hug your children,keep them close,they will be 18 before you blink….. blm 1957.peace and love to you and your family……………BLM 1957