Today, my Best Friend,called me very desperate,for words of Encouragement,an Ear to listen,When I heard her voice I immediately,knew something was awry,for, her words were sad,spoken low-toned,and shaken,I asked her what was going on,and to my despair,she informed me her husband,my friend also, after 35 years of Marriage,      wanted a Divorce!!!! What????? I finally got her to calm down,and speak slowly,from the beginning, it was a difficult task,so,I offered to drive over,being,that we only live 5min.from each other.As I entered,she ran into my arms,asking Why,Why??? I got her to sit on the sofa,I sat beside her,after getting her a bottle of water,and a cool towel,as I held her hands in mine,I asked her to start from the beginning.. She did,We cried together,I for her sadness and betrayal,   she for Fear,Betrayal,Loss of Affection, and the END of a 35 year Marriage!!!! To make a long story shorter,I began to offer these words of Encouragement. Be strong and Courageous.Do not fear or be in dread of the Future,For,it is the  Lord your/our God who never leaves nor forsakes us/you…………………………. Be not dismayed,for,God has you in his arms,he will Strengthen you,and,uphold you with his righteous right hand,he already knows what we need before sorrow or grief befalls us… As,we held hands in Prayer,I reached for the Bible, on her Table,and began to quote scriptures,that I hoped would help her,get thru this unbelievable,time in her life..She is a god-fearing,women.so it was easy for her to Calm down and breath..as, I knew this was a horrible,time for her,she suddenly,became Calmer,the Color seemed to return to her face,her hands,no longer shook,she took a sip of water,layed back on the sofa and tightly closed her eyes,as, I heard her softly,say, Father,help me, I need you Now* Lord.. right now… I continued,to rub her arms,and hands, we began to Pray together, as the tears fell from,both of us,for, it hurt me,to see her so Hurt and in disbelief!!!! after a while,she was Calm,and postive,yet,  knowing that this is now,but, what will tommorow bring,I informed her, “One Day at a Time” one day… I stayed with her,for another hour or so,as I was leaving, I left her with these words of wisdom….The Bible tells us in Revelation 21:4,that there is coming a time when all Sorrow,Tears,Pain,and Death will pass away.There is coming a Wonderful day  when God will wipe away ALL* Tears from the Eyes of his Children,(her) Me,You….And our Sadness/Sorrow,WILL end Forever* Amen&Amen.. As I departed,she even managed a slight Smile,Thank you Father…. All Is Well… blm 1957,hug your children,keep them close…….Be Encouraged……….



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