~~~~ALL IS WELL~~~~

             What a “Blessing” to be able to Declare loudly,and truly,that All Is Well!!!! with You and All Your Family…I feel so Happy and Joyous,that God continues to have my “Back”-Smiles- I can truly acknowledge,God has never Left me Hanging, nor, has he forsaken myself,my Husband,or Children.He has made a Way out of No-way,for us,What a “Blessing” to Help your young adult Children,who are struggling with todays ecomony.high bills,little take-home pay,just trying to be productive citizens,law-abiding, God-fearing,Church going Adults!!! What a “Blessing”!!!!!!!!! My Husband and I, worked hard to set up Trust-Funds,for our Childrens…..and now our GrandChildren,it will bring you untold bliss,to be able to pay your hard-working adult Child Car Payment,or help your Daughter and Son-in-law,pay their Mortgage,for the month,giving them a little money to spurge,on some unexpected items they have wanted for months,knowing,they could not afford them without Help from us…….”ALL IS WELL”………………..

I love the fact that all 3 of our Children,and their Spouses,work steadily,without lay-offs,yet, you never really hear them complain,therefore,we get Joy,when we can help them with a bill or give them Cash,for themselves,and our Grandchildren…”ALL IS WELL……..We taught them early as youngsters,to Believe,Trust,and Wait on the Lord,for, he will always meet the needs of his children…… I so proud and happy to have a Father like this…. thank you Father God……… “ALL IS WELL”I love my Life,and I’m So very happy with my Family!!!!!! blm1957,hug your children,keep them close………. knowing, “All Is Well”  Amen…… Stay Inspired!!!!!!! good things are on the way to you and yours…… Peace…


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