My Friends,Hello, grab a cold-glass of Water,relax take a deep breath,and Read on!!lol. If you are like my City,  you are HOT!!!! No Joke,I live in the Mid-west,and it is torture..I stay inside,I went Early last Sunday morning,before Church,and stocked up on every food,water,cold-cuts,juice,and anything that was easy, and non-parishable,as I did not know,if the Power would remain on…..  Praise God, we did not lose Power,but,so many in the Metro-Area,did…….  Unfortunately.We’re now approaching a two-week spell of record-smashing Heat,which first built-in the Rockies and High Plains,then spread into the rest of the Nations Heartland,and surged into the Southeast and parts of the Mid-Alantic States……The number of record highs Tied or Broken*across the nation is Staggering……………………

A week after Deadly Storms,more than 100,000 still lack power in the Mid-Atlantic Region,45,000 in West Virginia,up from 320,000 who lost power following devastating*wind and thunderstorms that moved through the area last week. In the Detroit Metro-Area,over 100,000 customers are STILL without Power!!!! (for the 6th day) 6…..That’s a challenging situation..The Crews,are working non-stop it seems,as they wear heavy, hot, work-clothes!!! God bless them,they do such a good Job..can you imagine how Hot they must be???????? would you please do an act of kindness and take the Crews a Bottle of Cold Water,get 2 or 3 friends and began to pass out Cold Water to them,as acknowledgement of your thanks for their faithful service….. you will feel better and so will they.it’s the little things that mean so very much…small acts of kindness……….make a difference!!!

As, I stated,we can enjoy the Air-conditioning,the Indoor and Outdoor Pool, TV, etc.etc. I’m so Very humble and Thankful to have Power!!! it’s so Hot,I cannot imagine being without……..The Weather Person,reported if we can make it in our area Today,we can make it!! for Cooler Temps.are just around the corner,like tomorrow…..YES!!!!!!!!!!!just hang in there,the Cool Temperatures are on the way,Just stay prayerful,that we are not seeing,the horrible Fires…That other parts of our great Country are feeling,God have Mercy on us………Pray for those, who Over-night became Homeless..overnight,in a second..Lord,please lift their Spirits,give them Hope,Bless them,is my Prayer….. Yes, it is One Hot Summer!! but, Cooler Temps are on the way,and soon we will be Cold,and Shoveling Snow…….. LOL……     KNOW THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS……….. Stay cool!! Stay inspired……… keep your children safe and cool..blm 1957….for the Cool in you…..Peace….



“IT’S JULY!!!!!!!! WOW……..

Hello,my Blog Family!! Can you believe it’s JULY*??? July, where is the time going?it’s spinning like a ball of Yarn, as it gently,yet,swiftly,roll and roll until some object or person causes it to Stop!!!!! Spinning and Swirling, Today as I turned my Calender’s to the new Month of July!!!!!!!!! My mind drift back to my Childhood,as a young child, The 4th of July  is/was my Favorite Summer Holiday… RED< WHITE< and>BLUE… The FIREWORKS*, ( now the noise is too much, for these Seasoned Ears!!!!LOL.. my Grandson doesn’t like the Loud, Booming, Sounds,he clings tighter than a shrunken sweater.. I softly whisper,in his covered ears, it’s okay sweetie,Geese has you!! it’s okay, as I carefully remove his tiny fingers from his ears,Paw Paw, walks up behind us,removing him from my arms,as he reasurres him,he’s a big boy, it’s only Fireworks!! Paw Paw,won’t let those Loud,Noisy,Fireworks hurt his Grandson,finally,Bren,calms down,thanks Honey, (that male voice) will always soothe a child,also, The love he feels for you,for, he knows,you will protect him from Anything!!! what a Blessing!!!!!!!!

As,Children, my mom always purchase new Clothes for us, And still found the time and energy, to Cook a Delicious,Hearty,Tasty,Full/Course Meal for her Family,and since,the entire Family Gathered at our Beautiful Park,every Mother cooked their favorite Dish, (sadly, all the Aunt’s and Uncles have passed on) also, several close Cousins.but, God is good..Boy, those were the Days,We Ate Ribs, and more Ribs, the best-Desserts,you can image… How I miss those Days!! but, would I want to go back to my Youth?the answer is No..Will I try my very best to do God’s Will? YES……….. I Thank My God,for Who He is, and All that he has Done,and Doing!! Thank you Father….    So please have a Safe-4th of July, Pray for Protection,also, Mercy and Grace, The Blood of Jesus Covers us always…Amen….  This 4th watch your Children Closely,keep them close to you…..blm 1957……Peace……..  BTW:Happy Birthday My Nephew, Demond Sanders… oxox…….