I would like to Wish All *Father’s A Happy Father’s Day!!!!! I sincerely trust that you are being the kind of Dad every Child Needs*and Deserve*We taught our  2 Sons on the importance of being a good Dad,loving,protecting, providing,being a strong Disciplinarian,at an early age!! teaching there Children the Importance of God, in their lives,keeping him first place,as they watch their Parents interact,Dad treating Mom with Respect,Love, Showing Affection,Laughing together,Opening and Closing the Car Door, letting Mom walk in First…. Going to Work every day, or doing Something!!!lol.LEGAL!!!!lol.  However, In Today’s Economy,it takes 2(two) Incomes,so,we/you have to teach the importance of EDUCATION*,start Saving early/putting aside a little here and there for College..You have too………

      My Husband and I practice every word I have written!!! My Husband calls me HONEY* so for years,when my boys were small,they thought my name was Honey* LOL~~~ My Grandson,will proudly,inform you that PawPaw,calls Grammie,(Honey) awwww!!! I just laugh,it’s so endearing…. Boys,have to be taught at a young age to also,Respect Girls,not to Fight them(Hit) although,these young Ladies today are a DIFFERENT BREED*,they can out curse the Boys,and just might kick there Butt…… Sad..not CUTE*.. Therefore, our Sons know how to treat a Lady/Wife Well,because they have had an excellent Role-Model,(their DAD) Praise God!! My Husband loves his Dad,he called him early this morning,His Parents live out of State,so they talk by phone,syke,text,email,etc.etc.

       Both my Daughter=in-laws,have told me what caring,considerate,thoughtful Husbands they were Blessed with,to which I say, To God be the Glory*,for the Things he has done!!!!! I’m very proud of the Men,Fathers they have become…..and I cannot forget my Only Son-in-law,who I prefer to as my 3rd.Son,for he is.. He has Wonderful,God-Fearing Parents also.who taught him how to treat a lady,and what is expected of a Husband!! he is a Good Man,We love him,and we gained another Son when Our Daughter Married him…So today as you go about Your Day* I Hope and Pray that each Father* will be strong in their conviction to raise the best children on Earth,giving and showing LOVE.Children,learn what they see,and hear,they are always watching us,and listening to how we treat one another..(please remember this)… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!! DAD’S of the World,God bless you and your families………blm 1957..hug your children,keep them close……..My Dad is with the Lord,I still miss him..He was a Wonderful Father,who treated my Mom so very Special..R.I.P. Dad..  


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