As for myself,I’ve been Married for 31 Years,and no it has not all been Peaches and Cream* However,because my Husband and I took/take our Marriage Vows seriously,We made a Vow to work/talk about Everything,Openly and Honestly,regardless,if feelings,hurtful acknowledgments,and painful truths are reveled,we agreed to above all,Pray, for, We know Prayer is the Answer,in Prayer,One can find the words, thoughts,needed to sustain a Happy,Harmonious Marriage.Marriage is work,it cannot be taken lightly,it takes patients,love, respect,and a genuine love and friendship,of both parties,One person can Never* make things better alone. IT TAKES TWO!!!!! and if you truly Love, Adore,and want a life-time commitment,keep God first-place in your lives,again,Pray together,hold each other,Cry together,if you must,if your Marriage is worth saving you will do whatever it takes to make it last till Death do you part…Amen..

I always knew I wanted a handsome,intelligent,humorous guy,(a sense of humor is always a plus) lol. along with a Big Beautiful Home!!A white Poddle,maybe a Cat? huge grounds,for my Landscaping Gift,by chance.my husband and I share the love of Landscaping!!! isn’t that special??and you know what? my Hubby is fine,and funny,(he keeps me laughing) something if I wasn’t such a good sport,my feelings could be hurt!but, I know he loves me,(he shows it) he tells me he loves me every day,(and yes there has been times when I wanted to turn away)lol.but,I stood steadfast, knowing this is the man I want in my life,we have Children together,(he stayed right by my side) through my pregnancy’s, and now with the grandchildren,we are in it to Win it!!!!!!! We have different Ethitic Backgrounds…(Race)  Over the years,we have gotten dirty looks,rude comments,low* (under the breath) however,we took it in stride and know, we hardly ever notice it…….

Today,years later, more Couples are interracial,so we go on with life,loving our difference,living life to the fullest.. Life is Great,we are Blessed..I could never Thank God enough for all is has done,and all he currently doing.But, I’m going to show him my thanks,thru words of praise,humbleness,and remaining Prayerful….. So,Couples,here are a few tips I hope can/will help you and your Husband,keep your Marriage Fresh!!!   1)have realistic expectations-Frustration is the main reason why couples are unhappy,unrealistic expectations rarely get met, and then cause you anger,sadness,hurt and other negaive emotions.marriage takes work,who said when we get married all will be well!!! sorry,but no it does not work that way..Drop unrealistic expectations………2.)sweat the small stuff-if your hubby puts the dishes in the sink(driving you crazy)lol.every night rather than in the dishwasher,don’t just shrug it off!!TELL HIM,it Bothers you, if you don’t address the seemingly meaningless little things that bother you about your Spouse,   what happens is things build up overtime and become bigger underlying issues,Talk!! Talk about it.Express your feelings…and lastly,Remember the little things, The degree to which you can regularly make your spouse feel Special* is a significant factor in how happy your Marriage will be,simple comments,and gestures–coffee in bed? A single Rose to a lady/wife is so Sexy and a sign of love..we love it…it has been shown that men who said their wives regularly made them feel special and cared for were significantly happier in their Marriages…. What are you doing to make your marriage Stronger and life-long????? Do something special for your spouse tonite,the little things mean a lot………….. blm 1957,hug your children, keep them close…… Happy Wife,Happy Life!!!!!!!!!


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