Today is the 1st. Sunday in June,in fact,June 3rd,2012.I’m so thankful to be living in God’s GRACE*,what a Blessing!!God’s Grace substains me,his Mercy and Grace surrounds Me,my Husband,and our Children, giving us the total freedom from Doubt or Fear.I Praise you Father.(Lynda Bryan Davis) offers such divine words for Grace and Forgiveness,Therefore,I would like to share these words with you. Receiving Grace can begin with Forgiveness* for, Forgiveness is one of God’s greatest Gifts to us.And just as Healing,Mercy,and Love,are precious promises,so too is Forgiveness when one understands the impact it has on our lives,and those around us.How precious to know that we as God’s Children are Forgiven,past, present and future.How inspiring to realize that we don’t have to stand before God each day feeling guilty or condemned.How refreshing to know that God is always*there,because we know he has forgiven us through the sacrifice of his death on the Cross.Amen.He accepts us as we are,as he made us,and what he made is good*indeed.

With love,reach out and forgive Anyone*the Lord might lay on your heart,Scripture relates it in the following way: (Mark 11:25)and when ye stand praying,forgive,if you have ought against any:that our Father also which is in Heaven,may forgive you your Trepasses.If you have an unresolved issue with another person and you refuse to forgive because of the pain,and confusion*it has brought you,It will corrupt your thoughts and taint your testimony.(how sad) for,God loves us,and wants only good for his children.Be the bigger person,Forgive,for your Blessings of Grace and Mercy……..Please let these words of Inspiration and encouragement minister a word to your heart today,to reach out and Forgive anyone and everyone,for Anything and everything!!! Free Yourself,for, You have to see God for Yourself,And, in so doing/you release yourself to receive freely all the many Blessing and Favor God has for  you/me.I’m going to do this for my own Salvation trusting in the promise..of eternal life for us who believe..Will you obey????????? I trust you will….Guess what? here’s the best part.Your Slate*will be washed CLEAN* hallelujah!!! and above all,your place in heaven is reserved,(alright) AND,your HEART* will be at PEACE* Amen..what a Blessing!!!! don’t you feel better all ready? I certainly do……In Forgiving,God’s Grace will carry you thru….. May the Grace of God surround you today and forever  blm 1957..hug your children,keep them close…………….


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