As, I drank my first cup of Coffee this morning,I looked at my desk Calender, every 1st.of the Month I write in every  Family member date of birth for that month.Wow, we are 6 months into the year,People, It’s JUNE*, June what a Joyous,Awesome,Growing period,for so many,Could it be because,for some excited students, it is the end of  School/Days. Friends, you saw as often as your own Family Members.It’s brings a momentarily sense of sadness,and Glee,for, you are grown lol.(boy are in for a surprise) lol. but, You Made It!! Congratulations!! Keep God first place in your Life, continue to Pray, you need Prayer for safety,protection, and personal Peace…as, I’m sure your Parents has already instilled within you.

For, me June is the half-way point,6 months in, 6 more to go!!! God is good, for he has Spared my Life, watched over me like a Mother/Lion with her baby cubs.. He has never left me… NEVER!! I think you Father,for your Mercy and your Grace let me make a difference in someone’s life this month of June! I’m still Planting Flowers,yes,and loving every moment.My Grandson called this morning,asking if/when can he come over Geese n Paw Paw house,of course, the answer is Yes! have your Dad bring you over,when your Parents,leave for their Shopping etc… I bought him several Toys and Water Toys, for Aunt/tees Pool!! he will be so very excited…. I can’t wait to see him. I love him, and he is so VERY intelligent,he is a Genius!! lol……

As, I wait,I put some last-minute Plants, in the ground,for, our Grandson, will want full attention!! lol. My sister San, calls, she is going to stop by,she needs me to help with a plant that is not thriving.I’ll bring it back to life……… plus,we need to talk about  plans for her upcoming Birthday Bash,I’m throwing at my Crib!!! big laughs!!!! it’s going to be Fun for all!!!!!! can’t wait….. Everyone,do something special for Yourself!!! purchase something for you…  Stay-Inspired, blm 1957..hug your children,keep them close…..

Family Birthdays: June 4th.Shannon-Bannon.June8th.Kourtney Alexis,(my sweet/heart) June 15th.Nicole(Nick) June 19th.Sandra Denise.June 22nd.George Jr.(my oldest brother) R<I<P< (I miss you) God be with you……… Peace…  can’t forget my life/time Friend Oscar-Curtis June 3rd…..


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