Today,I thought about the JOY* I feel,when I see my Children,Husband,and my Siblings all Whole and Complete… What a Blessing!!!! As,a Child,I can remember singing along with my Mom and our Church Family,”I GET JOY WHEN I THINK ABOUT WHAT HE’S DONE FOR ME” and today as a grown women I can say without a pause,that it still rings true..for, I truly FEEL JOY when I  look around and see what and how God is giving me Joy and Favor…Joy,Joy….Joyous,Joyful,and Peace.The Joy of seeing another day here on Earth,is awe-inspiring.Do you feel JOY? I hope so!! do you realize you can make your own Joy?Began,by counting your blessings,you will surely find JOY there.As for me,Joy surrounds my life,bringing bliss,and a renewed sense of Love and Peace………………

      Joy: an intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness,a sense of pleasure and satisfaction,  cheer,delight and peace. C.S. Lewis,once wrote:”I sometimes wonder whether ALL*Pleasures are not Substitutes for Joy” Strive to find your Joy!!!!! I have joy,the joy that comes from within,innate with that of Christ,along with the Joy to do his WILL*….. BLM 1957,Never let anyone Steal your JOY…….   stay joyous……blm 1957     peace…..


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